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How to Win Blackjack: Learn Now

Posted on the 15 August 2017 by Sallysummers @RCW_Blog

Play blackjack for real moneyIn every casino, there are players who always ask the 1000-year-old question: “How to win Blackjack.” The free Blackjack tips that I give you will be a success guaranty because they are so simple that amateurs don’t even think about them.

How to Win Blackjack: Double your bet after you have lost

This is certainly no blackjack system that should be applied! And I would not recommend it! You should know that game tables generally have a betting limit, and you also have an upper limit on what you can spend! So if you are already a millionaire and want to become a billionaire with gambling, put the article aside! Why should you want to read this article at all? You should enjoy your time in casinos and win or lose with joy!

The negative & positive progression system

This system requires a lot of calculations and lots of exercises! The basic rules for these free, simple blackjack tips state that you first set a limit for your progression. If you win, you continue counting and you add 20% more to your original bets and continue with this action. When you lose, you decrease your stake by 20%. The rules are simple but the quick calculations for each game require a lot of practice as the environment in a casino can distract you.

The two-way or level progression system

This is a simple and recommended system for amateurs and players alike. You must set limits for the maximum and minimum bets in this system. If you win, for example, you bet $200 and continue. If you lose, you reduce the bet sum to $100 and continue until you win again. This is a very effective way to counteract the fluctuations in the card deck and is certainly better than the card counting strategies that card counters apply!

The 1 – 3 – 2 – 6 or 1 – 3 – 2 – 4 system

This strange but powerful number sequence speaks for itself. Follow the number of fixed bits and continue with each victory in a row. If you lose, start over again and repeat the sequence. With this powerful Blackjack strategy, you definitely know how to win Blackjack! Not correct! Think again! Four wins in a row are very rare! Some players use the 1-3-2-4 system because you have 10 units for a complete cycle.

Play at the best Blackjack Internet Casino

Make sure that the online casino is monitored by the eCOGRA testing company. Find a casino that offers a wide selection of online Blackjack games. Check the customer service: Call and see if there is a proper human voice on the device you can talk to. Make sure that the online casino allows you to practice Blackjack without having to bet with real money.

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Choose your Blackjack game

In some games, you can make two cards, and in others only a certain combinations of numbers. Some Blackjack games have peculiar features such as e.g. Spanish Blackjack, Double Exposure Blackjack, Super Fun 21. The preferences are very individual and depend on you. So check out all the games and find out what a blackjack game is the most fun for you. Of course, you should not limit yourself to a favorite game. You can play different games according to your mood.

Play Blackjack for practice

The land casinos do not allow to play Blackjack without using real money, but the best online casinos allow it. Take the opportunity to try out different Blackjack variants to practice and refine your Blackjack strategies to define how to win Blackjack.

Apply a Blackjack basic strategy table

You can find a Blackjack basic strategy table in many Blackjack websites and books. Copy such a table and keep it ready when you play Blackjack. The table will turn out to be a valuable assistant to the Blackjack game. On the other hand, you do not have to enslave the basic strategy table. It is ultimately your money that is put at risk, and that gives you the right to make the decision as you play Blackjack. If your instincts tell you something else, you should feel free enough to follow them.

Learn more about Blackjack

Blackjack is an old game with rich history and traditions. To learn more about the history of Blackjack may not actually help you how to win Blackjack, but will help you to appreciate and enjoy the game.

First get to know the members of the Hall of Fame of the Blackjack. Some of them are well-known professors who have developed the mathematical strategy, others are gifted blackjack players who have won millions of dollars on Blackjack tables. They all have an interesting story in common.

Forget blackjack card counting

You probably already heard about blackjack card counting. You may have heard about shuffle tracking or similar esoteric blackjack strategies. The best tip is to forget it.

Card counting, shuffle tracking, and hidden cards are fascinating topics you can read and learn. The blackjack champions who have mastered these arts are admirable. Unless you have the high level of a mathematical genius and hundreds of hours of practice, these techniques will not work.

Professional tips and tricks how to win blackjack

If you want to play like a professional online Blackjack, then you have to follow the advice of other professionals. Fortunately, we have collected the most useful tips and can offer you a solid help to learn how to win Blackjack:

1. Forget gambling strategies – Thinking of “gamblers” can be dangerous when you play Blackjack online because this game is based on statistics and not just on pure luck. Learn a “basic strategy” and you will know exactly how to play every hand you get to your advantage.

2. Always pull a card … if your cards score a score of 8 or less, but always draw and double (double down) or hold (“stand”) if your cards Cards give a score of 9 to 16. ALWAYS keep when your cards score a score of 17 to 21!

3. Never divide … a pair of 4s, 5s, or 10s, and do not think to keep a score from 12 to 16 if the dealer has a score of 7 or more.

4. Do not take out “insurance” … Insurance is an aspect of the standard blackjack rules that you can ignore because your profit chances do not rise.

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That was it! With the sure-footed and free Blackjack tips I have given here, you will definitely have an advantage at every casino table whether it is online or in a land-based casino. Read also my other articles about Blackjack Strategies and have fun!

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