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How To Win As A Blogger

Posted on the 25 July 2013 by Babanature @proudlyonenaija

Where do you want your blog to be in the next 5-years?

What do you think can help increase your authority as a blogger?

Is there any need to re-emphasize that blogging is a very serious business? I know you can argue otherwise, you equally have the right and the will to continue against my theory but the truth is that; all pro-bloggers know this and many have dumped their corporate jobs and grown their blog beyond the scope of their imagination.


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If you have never thought about where your blog will be the next 5-years; that can explain why you don’t see blogging as a very serious business that requires much more than passion, commitment and dedication but sacrifices that will consume your time, energy and resources.

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Once you recognize the fact that your blog is your global office then you can begin to nature yourself to win as a blogger in whatever niche you found strengths. Do not forget that your goal is to get enough information which will help you design your blog to meet the needs of your readers.

The art of blogging is often taken for granted and it is easier to understand the principles than to develop the skills required. However, constant research will benefit you and lead to more effective system that will guide your blog and ultimately enhance addiction.

You need to constantly analyze your blog and understand the dynamics of your niche. You need to allow flexibility; the capacity to change provided it leads to growth. Don’t just sit there and continue to think that you command an unconditional authority over your niche.

In one of my web scrabbling, I came across a post in OneNaijaBlog; the author claims if one doesn’t do a guest post, he is a lazy blogger. I quickly loaded the page, assimilated what the author said, and I was automatically found guilty. I have never ever written a guest post, I examined myself and knew that although I am not a lazy blogger but a fact was established; that I don’t have any guest post to call my own.

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Quickly, I opened my document and in one week I had completed my first guest post and submitted to a pro-blogger, this is my second guest post and perhaps the last for the year but the point is this; this whole scenario is part of a research that can enable you win as a blogger. It is not entirely limited to articles, but you can take some time out of your busy blogging schedule to understand how pro-bloggers in your niche structure their blog, how they communicate with their readers, how they incorporate social media with blogging and more. The focal point of blogging-research is simply inestimable. Little things that don’t count to you could count to your visitors and that may be the reason why they never ever return to anything associated with your blog.


If all you care about is money and spamming the web with fake contents, you will never have an authority and your reputation will be dumped in a lagoon. Even when you have built trust, do not place it on a decline train for any reason. For it is easy to destroy than to build. Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful executions; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

That said, wining as a blogger begins with concerted efforts to achieve a goal and surpass a milestone. No one wins by self-defeat, hence the need to structure your mind on the path of greatness.  Having a positive mindset toward whatever niche you find yourself is a key to fulfillment.  Assumptions that a particular niche has an automatic birthright to success are completely out-of-place. Every niche has their strengths and weakness, you have to figure out which best suits your abilities and then aim for greatness. No matter how invisible you may be in the blogosphere, keep your spirits flying high as you journey to growth beyond expectations.

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In conclusion, your thoughts will eventually become your realities. Our thoughts shape our beliefs. Consequently, when our thoughts are wrong, our beliefs will be wrong. You will always gravitate in the direction of your most dominant thoughts. It is the spiritual that dictates the physical, if you have concluded to being a failed blogger; no amount of blogging skills will make you hit the top. When one’s mind is destroyed, the entire physical body ceases to function. As a blogger aspiring for greatness, you must always be positive even when the obstacles weigh you down. You must confront it ruthlessly and expect victory as the only alternative.

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