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How to Wear Unflattering Colours

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

I have reddish hair and my coloring is fair with yellow undertones. A “spring” season, and I’m 50′ish.

Don’t you agree that sometimes for the sake of making yourself happy with that special find, that you can add more color to your cheeks and pick a nice shade of lipstick and play with eye color to pull it off? (Please say, yes!).

how to wear unflattering colours
how to wear unflattering colours by imogenl featuring platform wedges

If you want to wear colours that don’t work for you and are unflattering to your skin tone, there are a few ways to wear them more successfully.  They’ll never be as great as the good colours for you but here are my tips to make them work.

1. Wear a low neckline

2. Don’t put them on a body part you don’t want to draw attention to (a color that doesn’t relate will draw attention to itself and create a body focus).

3. Put on a scarf or necklace that does suit your colouring between your face and the color.

3. Wear foundation, blush and lipstick.

4. Keep the less than great color to less than 20% of your whole outfit.

5. Wear the right value contrast for you.

6. Wear it in a shoe.

7. Wear it in a fabric that is soft or slightly see-through.

8. Wear it at night – we don’t see colours as obviously at night.

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