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How to Wear Statement Shoes

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

how to wear a statement shoe - inside out style blog

I’m a bit of a shoeaholic, according to my family. I love shoes.

I love them in neutral.

I love them in color.

I love boots, shoes and sandals.

I think my love affair started when my doctor told me that I needed to wear different shoes every day so that I wouldn’t end up with foot problems in my later years (as every shoe rubs your foot and will irritate it after a day or so which leads to corns, bunions, blisters and other issues).  Plus your shoes get to dry out completely between wearings so they last heaps longer.

I took him at his word and started building a shoe collection. And you are welcome to use my doctors reasoning too to own more than 10 pairs of shoes!

So how to wear a statement shoe

Create your outfit around the shoe.

how to style culottes beauty bundle

Your shoe is the hero, don’t add too many other heroes to your outfit at the same time, otherwise there will be too much going on *unless you’re Iris Apfel.

Relate the color to something else in your outfit

Coloured statement shoes - relate the color to your outfit

Accessories or a garment with some of the same color are great options.

Look for detail or pattern or a unique feature to highlight

how to wear statement shoes
how to wear statement shoes by imogenl featuring a matte lipstick
  1. Keep the outfit simple to make a feature of your shoes
  2. Repeat the color in your makeup if appropriate – lipstick color is great if you are in the red/pink/burgundy family
  3. Wear accessories that repeat and harmonise with elements of the shoe design feature, whether it be colour, shape or pattern.

Red white and blue - with statement red boots  - how to wear a statement shoe

Here I’ve repeated the red in the boots in my bangle and necklace (and a little red lippy)

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