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How to Wear Red to Boost Your Desirability

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

With Valentine’s Day approaching I thought I’d dedicate a thought or two to the color red, and how best to choose the right red for you.

When to Wear Red

Red is an exciting color.  It has some amazing psychological affects, studies have show that wearing red in sports competitions can give you an advantage (so much so there is now talks to try and ban the use of red in combat sports such as tae kwan do as the advantage is so great it could skew the outcome of the competition).

How we perceive someone wearing red depends on our sex too.  Men wearing red are seen as more dominant and aggressive, this is why a red tie, is a power tie, but shouldn’t be used when you want to win friends or gain consensus.   Red can be a great colour, in small quantities in a job interview if you want to be seen as strong

Men don’t perceive men wearing red to be as much of a threat as women perceive it to be.  Women tend to feel that when a man is wearing red is is more angry and aggressive, so guys, don’t wear red when you’re going on a date!

Now women wearing red, that really can give you an advantage in life.  Studies have found

how to wear red to boost your desirability

Research has found that men are really attracted to women wearing red and they have a positive attitude and feelings towards women who wear red on their first date.

Why?  Well red is the color of both romance, think red roses, and red hearts as well as sexual arousal, think a blushing cheek and red lipstick, and it indicates a receptivity which of course, is attractive to men.

So if you’re going on a date, or putting yourself out there in the dating pool, this is the time to let red boost your desirability!

Which Red to Wear?

The brighter shades are more dominant and can be seen as more aggressive, particularly if you don’t have the bright personal colouring to match the shade.

Subtler shades such as a softer version or slightly deeper version are powerful, but without the “angry” appearance it can provoke.

choosing Reds
choosing Reds by imogenl featuring a red jacket

You can see that there are many reds to choose from.  Ideally wear a red that is in tune with your color properties.

For instance – if you have cool, light and bright colouring – then look for a lighter, brighter, cool undertone red (a more pinkish red).

If you have darker, smoky, warm undertone colouring – then look for a deeper, warm undertone (brick red) that is softer and more smoky and greyed down.

What I’m saying, is you should choose a red that relates to your color properties and replicate it.  The right red will really make you look more vibrant and alive as it’s a skin enhancer and can make you look really healthy.

So don’t go for boring black, instead put on a red dress and some red lipstick this Valentine’s Day!

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