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How to Wear Loose Fitting Clothes Without Loosing Your Shape

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

Do You Prefer Your Garments to Skim Rather Than Cling?

There is a sweet spot where a garment is fitted without being clinging. Garments that cling show every lump and bump and ruin your outfit (and your confidence). Clothing that is too big and baggy will make you lose your shape and your outfits can look frumpy because of all the extra fabric. If you are petite this will really swamp your frame and look doubly bad.

The Oversize Trend

There are a lot of oversized and boxy clothes in stores at the moment. and this trend has been around for a few years now and looks like it's going to continue as well. These clothes tend to make you just look bigger and like a box. Not too many of us want to look like a box. I know it is currently fashionable but new trends will come in and go regularly. If you want to wear loose fitting clothes without loosing your shape and embrace the over-sized trend, there are a few things you should consider to find the most flattering piece for you.

Body Shape

Some of us can have wear relaxed fitting clothes on different parts of our body depending on our body shape. If you are unsure of your body shape, check out my Body Shape Calculator (no measurements required!!)

For body shapes with a waist - A, X and 8 shapes, stay away from any relaxed-fit pieces that seem round or shapeless, as these are the clothes that are likely to make you look larger and wider than you really are.

If you have a defined waist to your shape then choose oversized pieces that have an element of structure, ideally you want the clothes to come back in at your waist. Look for garments that can be tucked in or that has darts and seams that brings the fabric in at the waist.

Darts and seams draw the fabric in without making the fabric cling to you. Finding those right pieces that have a bit of space through them that makes you feel comfortable but is also flattering your figure.

You can combine a loose and flowing skirt or other relaxed bottom with a loose top, it just need to come back in at the waist.

For the unwaisted shapes, I; H; O and V shapes, they don't need garments to be fitted at the waist in the way that a waisted shape does. For these shapes, consider the Principle of Volume where we can wear one voluminous garment at a time. You pair a voluminous garment with a slim, fitted garment - a loose top with a slim bottom or the other way, a fitted top with a relaxed, loose bottom.

How to Wear Loose Fitting Clothes Without Loosing Your ShapeDress Your Portrait

Oversized clothing often has a reputation for being the clothes you wear when you don't want to put any effort into your outfit or look for the day.

Make sure that you pay attention to your hair and makeup so you don't look lazy and sloppy. You don't have to do a full makeup but even a little mascara if you don't have dark lashes or some lipstick can make you look more put-together and finished.

It is important to make sure that your outfit has a focal point to draw the eye back up to your portrait so you don't get lost in a mass of fabric.

Pick the Right Size

If you are going to pick up one of these pieces, try on a garment several sizes smaller than you would normally wear. If you normally wear a medium, try the extra small. Don't assume that your normal size is actually the right size. You might find the smaller size is still loose enough but it's not big and boxy and so oversized to lose yourself in the folds of the fabric.

Texture Matters

The texture of the oversized clothes you wear makes all the difference in the overall finish of your look. Keep textures in mind when picking out loose-fitting clothes. Thicker fabrics and chunky knits are more likely to make you look larger than you really are, so balance these materials with slim or straight bottoms. For more hints and tips on texture, check out my blog post, T is for Texture...

Remember there is nothing more stylish than the raw confidence that you exude while wearing the outfits you like so if you want to wear loose-fitting clothes or fully embrace the over-sized trend, just own it!

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