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How to Wear Cross-Body Bags

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

How to Wear Cross-Body Bags

Hi Imogen,
First off, I love your blog! It’s pretty much my #1 source for where to go to learn about style! You make everything very understandable and easily applicable. Now, I was wondering if you had any advice on how to wear a cross-body purse if you’re large chested. I love that style’s hands-free nature, but find it doesn’t look so great on me. Also, I have an X shaped body, so maybe a purse resting on my low hip wouldn’t be so great either. Any ideas?
Thanks for your time!


Ok, let’s not beat about the proverbial bush.  The cross body bag doesn’t really look great on anyone who has a larger chest, but does everything we wear have to always be the most flattering thing we could every put on?  I don’t believe so.  Sometimes practicality will trump appearance.  So how do you manage it as best you can?

Make sure that the bag doesn’t sit on your side at your hip, instead swivel it round so that the bag is sitting behind you, this won’t add any extra bulk to your hips.  If you live somewhere that you feel it’s unsafe to to have your bag behind you, then carry it to the front, rather than at the side on your hip.

Make sure the strap isn’t too long, if the bag sits really low it can become both uncomfortable, banging against your legs, and unflattering.

The reality with this style, is it’s way more about practicality than style, but it’s one I always sport when I’m shopping with clients, as I want to be able to pick up lots of clothes and carry them, without having to worry about my handbag.

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