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How to Wear Coloured Jeans for the 40+

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport
How to Wear Coloured Jeans for the 40+

Catwalk Trends Spring and Autumn 2012

Hi Imogen, How do you feel about coloured jeans for the over 40s? I’m a size 12-14 H shape and keep finding myself drawn to them in shops. I tried on some straight (not skinny) legs in cobalt that I really loved with a small heel, but I walk away for fear I’m too old in my mid 40s.

Coloured jeans are continuing to be 2012 catwalk trends, and you can easily find them in stores and will see them everywhere on teenagers.  So how do you interpret this trend without looking like a fashion victim when you’re a little more mature?

The reality is that coloured jeans really make a statement.  For a long time the only people wearing coloured trousers has been the much older market, and so it can easily been seen as Old Lady (OL for short).

So how do you add this trend into your wardrobe?  Here are my top tips:

How to wear coloured jeans
How to wear coloured jeans by imogenl featuring skinny fit jeans
  1. Choose a color that suits your colouring too – so not too bright if you suit a more muted or smoky palette.
  2. Only go with a cropped option if you have long legs or are prepared to wear them with heels.
  3. Choose a shape that flatters your figure.
  4. Team with a neutral or two for a more sophisticated outfit.
  5. Repeat the color close to your face to draw attention upwards.
  6. Colour blend shoes to jeans if you want to elongate your legs.
  7. Choose a darker color if you don’t want your bottom, hips or thighs to be the focus, wear a lighter coloured top
  8. Don’t forget to add that essential focal point!
Are you keen on this trend?  What is your favorite coloured jean outfit?  Share a link if you’ve posted a picture on your blog.

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