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How to Wear Brights.

By Covethercloset @covethercloset
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Summer’s uniform: shorts and a t-shirt or tank top.  This is the perfect starting point for adding bright-colored accessories.  You have no excuses not to integrate color into your wardrobe.  Think of all the wonderful accessories you can add to an otherwise neutral outfit.  Plus, you can never look anything but amazing, when you add a pop of color in the right way.

Start with your Summer uniform  {I prefer skimmer style skinny jeans and a white t-shirt}


Add up to 3 accessories from the following list:

purse  -  jewelry  -  hat  -  sunglasses  -  scarf  -  shoes  -  watch  -  belt

This is what makes Summer so fabulously carefree, stock your closet with a few neutral warm weather staples, like jeans, capris, shorts and tops.  Then pile on the brightly hued accessories.  Enjoy the weather in perfect. fashion. forward. style.

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