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How to Wear an Unconventional Watch

By Attireclub @attireclub

How to Wear an Unconventional WatchMany people who like to wear watches want to be sure that the watch they wear is a clear statement piece, which they often use as the central part of their look. It may seem odd to want to make an accessory the central part of an outfit, given that usually a shirt, jacket or pants are the core of a look, around which everything else is built. However, placing your watch as the main piece of your look is not a bad thing. You just need to know how to do it to make the outfit work.

Today, there are quite a number of brands that offer unconventional watches. For example, a recent concept that is quite noteworthy is Atto Verticale by Masera Design. Their watches are eccentric and unique, as they are based on a balance between empty and full, hard spaces. They feature a mechanical hand wound movement assembled on an anodized aluminum case. Despite their unconventional approach to watch design, the Atto Verticale collection has managed to create timepieces that are sophisticated, sleek and elegant. Moreover, in between two sapphire crystals the movement floats giving the watches an edgy, powerful and yet refined and stylish. The watches are available through their online shop worldwide and offline in many parts of the world, including cities like Paris, Basel or Liechtenstein.

Their watches are a really great way to style up your look and can be a focus point of a good look.

In fashion, a good outfit is one that is balanced, cohesive and coherent. These are the three main things you need to look out for when creating a look which includes an unconventional watch.

How to Wear an Unconventional Watch

Balance. A balanced look does not necessarily mean that everything needs to be put together in a very strict, precisely proportioned way; it simply means that you should make sure that everything has a role. Many times, people wear things that don't really add anything to the look from both a practical and stylistic point of view. When talking about unconventional watches and the way to integrate them in your ensemble, you can think of making sure that there is room for your statement watch to "breathe", namely that it won't be overshadowed by another statement piece. For example, if you wear a watch with an unconventional design, don't overdo it and also wear a shirt and a jacket with unconventional designs, it may be too much.

How to Wear an Unconventional Watch

Cohesiveness. For an outfit to be cohesive, it has to have a story that goes through it. In other words, the pieces you wear should go with each other, even if you go for a high-and-low look, which is based on contrast. Make sure that the colors, lines and overall shape of your watch have a reflection in the rest of your look: go for similar lines, colors, etc. that complement it well, or for elements that are clearly in contrast - but be aware that this may take a few tries to get right. The goal of putting an outfit together is to create a united hole, not to glue together items that may or may not be cool - each element of your outfit should be well-integrated and to make good sense.

How to Wear an Unconventional Watch

Coherence. When we're talking about a coherent outfit, we basically mean that the items that compose should "derive" from one another. Basically, if you wear a timepiece with an unconventional design, it should make sense and be organically integrated in your look. Indeed, an unconventional watch may work with a suit - although not always - but it surely doesn't work with a black tie look. To achieve a coherent look, it's essential to think of the consistency of the outfit: the question you should be asking yourself is "does it make sense?" For example, an unconventional watch might work with a dressed down suit, but only if it matches in terms of colors. A neon green watch won't work with a gray suit, they are too different - they come from completely different stories. A clear interconnection between your watch and your outfit is what will make you stand out in a good way.

How to Wear an Unconventional Watch
In conclusion, it can be said that unconventional watches are great if you can properly integrate them in an outfit. You are most likely to be able to make them work in everyday, casual outfits and even with more formal pieces.

Ultimately, your both your clothes and your watch should be a representation of who you are and should express exactly the things you wish to communicate.

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