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How to View Private Instagram Accounts; 3 Proven Tips

By Lisa @Lisapatb

Do you wish to view a person's profile on Instagram and find it difficult because the person's account is private? This article will discuss three proven ways on how to view private Instagram accounts online.

How to View Private Instagram Accounts; 3 Proven Tips

At the end of this post, you'll find out that it's possible to view private Instagram profiles and the exact way to do that for free.

An Introduction

Let's talk about how many of us have wished to see beyond private accounts without the owner being aware. To view a private Instagram account is typical behavior, and you won't be judged for that.

After all, who doesn't like gathering some insider information without leaving a trace? But, is it that easy?

Reasons People might Want to View Private Instagram Accounts.

There are many reasons why a person would want to view a private Instagram account without following. Click To Tweet Let's look at some scenarios. It might be a competitor you want to spy on to stay updated on their Instagram strategy or learn some Instagram tips to adopt.

Spying on your competitors is something you can't run from because it's one of the most effective ways to stay ahead of your competitors. It can also be a private Instagram account you wish to view out of curiosity, or maybe, (just maybe), you have a crush on the person.

Additionally, it could be that you're a reporter or writer who needs information about a person, and you can get that by going through their Instagram page.

However, you need a way to navigate the situation because the person has a private Instagram page, and you don't want to follow because to follow the person is to alert the person.

Furthermore, you can be a parent that wants to keep track of what your kid is posting on Instagram, or maybe an employer or recruiter wishing to know what their employee or prospective employee posts on their Instagram.

No matter the reason you wish to see a private Instagram account, there are both Instagram tools and straightforward ways to check out a person's private Instagram profile. And yes, besides Instagram tools for business, there are tools you can use to view private accounts and do many more things on Instagram.

Why People make their Accounts Private on Instagram

People have private Instagram accounts for reasons best known to them, and it would be best to respect their wishes and not snoop around. However, some situations cannot be helped. Instagram understands the need for privacy which is what necessitated the lock privacy feature, so any means you're using to see private Instagram accounts shouldn't go against the guidelines of Instagram.

The ways you can view a private Instagram account discussed in this article aren't against the guidelines and are not complex. You don't need to start cracking your head as it is something you can do at any time and easily too.

Some people would say there is nothing in this world without a solution, and this comes to play here. Here are three proven tips on how to see private Instagram accounts.

Three Proven Tips for Viewing a Private Instagram Account

1. Follow the Page

I cannot help but start with this point as it is the easiest way you can access a private Instagram account. Sometimes, it may be that you are overthinking things; there is nothing wrong if you go ahead to follow the person.

2. Create a New Page

If you want to view a private Instagram page without following the person and letting the person know about you, you may as well go undercover. Recall the above scenario of writing a report or gathering information for news; you might want to act like an undercover, so the Instagram account owner doesn't know your identity.

Thus, the next thing to do is to create a new Instagram page. The idea here is to use the new page to follow the private Instagram account so that you can see their post and follow up on what they're up to. The same way you open your regular account is the same method you open the new account.

Note that you should use a new phone number and email address so there is no tracing the account to you. The good news is that with recent updates, you won't need to log out of your primary Instagram account to have the new one on your device. You can run both accounts simultaneously.

Having a new page is a great way to see private Instagram profiles and you can use it at any time. However, be careful when navigating the different accounts, so you don't use the wrong account. Are you bothered about creating a new account on Instagram? Don't be.

Creating a new Instagram page does not violate any of the Instagram terms of use. With your new account, you can view any private Instagram account you desire.

3. Use Instagram Private Profile Viewing Apps

The fact that there are different applications that can be used for different purposes is one of the best things about social media and the digital age.

There's an Instagram tool to amplify your marketing, a tool for scheduling posts on Instagram, and tools for different kinds of Instagram automation for business and otherwise. Just like there are Apps for all these, there are Apps for viewing private Insta accounts.

The issue might come in deciding which one is best to use since there are numerous options.

Sure, you can figure that out. I can't tell you which of the apps is best to use to see private Instagram pages as all are efficient. However, you might want to get some information about them and make your choice.

The top Instagram Apps for viewing private accounts

Insta Stalker

The name of this app already gives an idea of what the app is about. With Insta stalker, all you need to do is input the username of the account, and the App will bring out different suggestions for you to select the specific account. After that, it's a piece of cake.

How to View Private Instagram Accounts; 3 Proven Tips

Note that the webpage might require you to fill different online surveys before you proceed. If you're comfortable with such, you're good to go. After the survey, you can go through the page and even get some of the posts as a zip file.

Private Insta

With Private Insta, you can view a private Instagram page without any hassle. The app is easy to navigate, but just like Insta Stalker, you'll have to fill out some surveys before you get access to the private account. This app also allows you to see what they comment on or like.

How to View Private Instagram Accounts; 3 Proven Tips
Insta Looker

If you don't like to fill surveys, you should use Insta Looker to view private Instagram accounts without the hassle of surveys. The best part here is that it has a feature that allows you to download a picture or video from the page.

How to View Private Instagram Accounts; 3 Proven Tips

A Bonus Way to View Instagram Accounts that are Private

As a plus, allow me to add an extra proven tip that helps when it comes to viewing a private Instagram account.

Run a Search Engine Check

If you have the name of the private Instagram account, you can easily go to any search engine like Google and run a check. A simple Google search can get you to see some of the posts on the page, and sure, you'll get the information you need.

I'm not saying that running a search would give you entire access to the account, but you'll get an idea of the basic things you need to know. With this method, you do not need to download extra applications, and it saves you stress.

Over to You

I know you'll not have a hard time viewing Instagram's private accounts if you use any of these methods. The best part is that none of them requires payment, so it also saves you costs.

Have you used any of these methods? What was your experience? If you haven't, which of these ways to view private Instagram accounts will you try first?

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