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How to Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number/SIM Card

Posted on the 22 March 2017 by Hemantkumar
How to use whatsapp without phone number or Whatsapp without phone number android If you are searching for this question today then you’re are at perfect place because today I will share the best trick to create whatsapp account without phone number in just two minutes. As we all know whatsapp is the greatest social media messenger from past few years. Nowadays whatsapp addicted people mostly searches for these terms whatsapp without number, whatsapp without phone number or use whatsapp without  mobile number that’s why I have decide to write a post for them and let them fell out of the world.
whatsapp without phone number/sim
There are so many ways to install whatsapp without numberbut few methods are not working everywhere. These methods to use whatsapp without number depends on your location because we will use fake number for whatsapp and these phone numbers will work only specific country locations. So today I will answer this most common question how to Use Whatsapp without mobile number or phone number or even without SIM card.

So let’s directly come to the point how to use whatsapp without number –

I am going to share the easiest three ways to create whatsapp account without SIM card. You can use any one method but if any one method doesn't work with your phone then try the other one.
Actually whenever we create any new whatsapp account we have to verify our phone number which makes it impossible to use whatsapp without SIM verification. But as we all know rules are made to be broken so now we can use whatsapp without number verification.
But you must be how the hell we will get the whatsapp phone number verification code to create the new account. Don’t worry you will get your whatsapp verification code easily.
You can use fake whatsapp number to install whatsapp without number. But you will have to search for this fake number for whatsapp and you will have to get the verification code generated for these particular fake numbers and to get this whatsapp verification code online you will have to use whatsapp verification code generator which is free of cost.
So just follow the below given steps one by one-

Method 1- How to use whatsapp without phone number-

Step 1- First of all just uninstall already installed whatsapp form your phone.
Step 2- Now again download the upgraded or latest whatsapp version from official whatsapp site, you can download directly from here- Download latest version of whatsapp.
Step 3- Now you have to download “Textnow” app on your phone and install it. This app will help you to use whatsapp without phone number. You can download it from here.
Step 4- Once you install this app and open it then you will see your unique 10 digit free phone number for whatsapp just note it somewhere.
Step 5-But still if you are not able to find your whatsapp fake number then try with these steps to find your fake number for whatsapp.                      Step 5.1- On the top left corner you will see three lines (menu option) to open menu click on                               it and there you will find your fake whatsapp number.
Step 6- Now simply install the new downloaded whatsapp and use your fake whatsapp number which you have got from that app.  
Step 7- Now whatsapp will send whatsapp verification code to that fake number but the process will be failed automatically. So I now it will ask you for the alternative method that is “call”, then just click on “Click me” option there.
Step 8-Now minimize this whatsapp and open up the textnow  app, and you will receive a call from whatsapp. So note somewhere your whatsapp verification code.
Step 9- Now just enter this whatsapp phone number verification code into whatsapp app.
Step 10- That’s all once you have entered your code you will see that you have successfully created whatsapp without phone number. So now you can use whatsapp without phone number easily.

Method 2- Whatsapp without phone number android-

Now you can access whatsapp without phone number within few minutes. You will have to use some fake numbers for whatsapp without SIM card. In this method we will use whatsapp verification code generator which will generate whatsapp verification code online.

So follow these steps to create whatsapp account without phone number-

Step 1- First of all uninstall your already installed whatsapp and then download the latest version form play store or apple store.
Step 2- Now you just go to this site
Step 3- On this website you will see a list of fake number for whatsapp and you can use these fake number for verification.
whatsapp without phone number/sim
Step 4- Now just select any one number and enter this number in your whatsapp account while creating account.
Step 5- Now again go to that website and click on your selected number and you will see all the messages there. Just open up your whatsapp verification code and enter this on your whatsapp.
whatsapp without phone number/sim
If few numbers doesn't work for you then don’t be sad just try other one.
That’s all now you have learned how to use whatsapp without phone number.

Method 3- Use whatsapp without mobile number-

If you are searching something like this how to open whatsapp without verification code then this method will help you out. You will have to download one add app for whatsapp without number verification. So I have mentioned apps for both of the device users for android and for iPhone users.

So let’s directly come to the steps to know how to install whatsapp without number verification-

Step 1- First of all download the app which you will need to do whatsapp verification code hack.
For Android users- Spoof Text App
For iPhone users- Download this app.
Step 2- Now you will have to text message this-
To- +447900347295Body- Enter your email addressFrom- +(country code) your mobile number
Step 3- Now wait you will automatically get your whatsapp verification code online. With this fake whatsapp number you can install whatsapp without number verification.
Step 4- Enter this code into your whatsapp app. 
I think now you can use whatsapp messenger without mobile number easily.
That’s all J

Now you have successfully learned how to use whatsapp without phone number. If you are still having problems regarding whatsapp no phone number or about how to create whatsapp account without sim card the please let me know in comments below. 

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