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How to Use MeWe Social Media Network as It Grows in 2021

By Lisa @Lisapatb

You may have heard of MeWe a few years ago. The MeWe channel began testing in 2015 and the network started to grow in 2018 but not like the current growth of 2021.

Recently 2.5 million people signed up for MeWe.

This social media network named MeWe is considered the anti-Facebook network. It has similar features and feels a lot like Facebook.

Many people in the past month left Facebook or spent a lot less time on the once most popular social network. (It still has the most amount of members but not as many are active today.)

Forbes Inc. just wrote why you should stop using the Facebook messenger app. It is an eye-opener for sure if you haven't read about it!

How to Use MeWe Social Media Network as it Grows in 2021

This social media network named MeWe is considered the anti-Facebook network. It has similar features and feels a lot like Facebook. Click To Tweet

Your MeWe Tutorial

In this MeWe tutorial, I will explain how you can use this social network as part of your social media strategy and mix.

Is MeWe Safe?

Yes, MeWe is safe as any social network can be today. However, you do need to provide an email or phone number when you sign up, just like you do on most social media networks today.

MeWe was founded by Mark Weinstein, offers an alternative to these social media apps, with the aim of being more private and user friendly.

With no ads, there is no need for user information to be sold. Hence, there is no need for algorithms as everything is there based on a chronological order on the newsfeed.

For many people that is like a breath of fresh air on social media.

(The only drawback ladies is that single men may try to connect with you but you can decline every time. This happens on most social networks too! For others, this may not be a drawback, lol.)

Personal Page vs. Business Page on MeWe

To get started sign up as a personal page. The page set-up is very similar to a Facebook page. You need a large horizontal background image and a profile picture. 945×320 pixel is the exact size for the background image.

The profile picture is best at 250×250 but both of these images can be resized as you upload them in your MeWe profile.

If you want a business page you can purchase one for $1.99 per month. They make money off a subscription-based model vs. an ad model that Facebook has.

Just like Facebook, you can look at a page's feed when you are searching for things via your home screen on MeWe. As well as a search button like Facebook too for searching for pages, groups, and people.

Do Hashtags Work on MeWe

Hashtags do help just like they do on most other social media networks today. Hashtags work best when someone is searching and finds your post via your hashtag.

So keep that in mind but don't overdo them! One or two hashtags are fine in a single MeWe post.

MeWe Groups

Back in 2018, it was reported they have over 90,000 groups on the social media site. Some of the groups are private and most are public.

There are many different group topics that you can explore before joining any. You may also start your own group. Hence, see the screenshot below to see how easy it is to start one:

How to Use MeWe Social Media Network as it Grows in 2021

I'm in groups for bloggers, businesses, dogs, tech, and more to name a few. However, I did start my own called "Alternative Social Media."

Groups seem to have more activity than the main feed just like Facebook has been trending with lately for groups.

MeWe Chats

The chat feature is very similar to Facebook. You can chat with groups and or with individuals on this social network.

However, the chat feature works well on mobile as it does on desktop. You can stop notifications from going off and see them vs. hear them.

Some of the chat features include:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Dual-Camera MeWe's
  • Emojis
  • Stickers
  • Doodles
  • Files
  • GIFs
  • Voice messages
  • Private Posts - this is similar to a normal post that you share to your timeline, however, it's only shared privately with the contact you're chatting with.

With these chat features, you can also delete and hide chats.

On mobile, you can share disappearing content and your location in chats.

Notifications Tab

The Notification tab lets you know when you receive messages or comments on posts that you posted or commented on very similar to Facebook. They are located on the upper right-hand side of your desktop.

On my Android device, I like just seeing a red dot if I have new messages or notifications. Of course, the less beeping I hear the better these days 🙂

Please note the notifications tab on mobile is on the bottom of your screen.

How to Use the Stories Feature

Speaking of the mobile device, you can share stories on the network the same way you do with Facebook or Instagram. They are the same vertical size image. Similarly, you can share with just your contacts, your close friend's list, or the public.

Stories disappear within 24 hours. Hence, people love them as they fear missing out if they don't see them when you post them online.

Now, you can use photos or videos for your story feature. They do offer some emojis and text as the other social networks do.

Stories let you create slideshow stories of your day that disappear after 24 hours, including photos, videos, and GIFs.

On mobile, stories posted by your contacts and the pages, you follow appear at the top of your home screen.

However on the desktop, stories appear on the right side of your screen, right below "New Posts".

Today you can reply to someone's story by clicking on their story and selecting "Send Message".

Paid Subscriptions

Now, there are several subscription levels you can choose from if you like. Otherwise, you may use this social media network entirely for FREE.

How to Use MeWe Social Media Network as it Grows in 2021

On this social media network, there are no ads like you see all over Facebook today.

A premium subscription includes:

A Value of Over $30 per Month FREE for 30 Days. Then Only $4.99 per Month. Furthermore, it is RISK-FREE as you can cancel anytime!

MeWe Share Button with Shareaholic

Yes, you can have the MeWe share button on your blog or website if you use the Shareaholic plugin.

As of now, it does not look like the logo yet but I'm confident they may be working on it over at Shareaholic. You can see my button with the arrow on the bottom of this post.

See More With My Rumble Video Tutorial

Now, have you joined MeWe? I'd love to know if you are on MeWe and please follow me there!

Do you understand how to use MeWe better now?

Lastly, don't forget to share this post on your social media networks!

How to Use MeWe Social Media Network as it Grows in 2021
MeWe Social Media Network Grows 2021

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