How to Use Google Maps Offline

Posted on the 10 June 2019 by Anees @ZulfiqarAAnees

It sure has happened to you. You need to use Google Maps urgently and you do not have coverage. Precisely are those times when we do not have Internet connection when we need to consult a map. For example, in another country without international data rate or lost in a place with little coverage. So you never get lost, we’ll show you how to use Google Maps offline.

Google Maps allows you to save maps in offline mode so you can check them when you do not have access to the internet. You just have to anticipate a bit to save the map of where you’re going. I recommend downloading the maps through a Wi-Fi connection because they can be pretty mega.

How to download maps from Google Maps

To save a map offline in Google Maps and use it later without an internet connection we have two methods. We can frame our own map from the ‘offline maps’ menu or search for a city and download your map.

Method 1: from the ‘Offline maps’ menu

  • Enter the Google Maps application.
  • Open the menu by clicking on the three horizontal lines.
  • Select ‘Offline maps’.
  • Tap ‘Select your own map’.
  • Now look for the area you want to download by centering it in the blue box. You can zoom and zoom out with two fingers.
  • Once you have the area framed below you will inform us about how much space it occupies.
  • Click on the button on the right in ‘Download’.
  • If you want to add another area you just have to repeat the operation.

google maps 1

Method 2: find a city and download its map

  • Enter the Google Maps application.
  • Enter the name of a city in the search bar.
  • In the lower area of ​​the screen, click on download.
  • Put the map well in the blue box. You can zoom in and out with two fingers.
  • Click on the button on the right in ‘Download’.

google maps 2

The maximum number of maps that you can save in your device depends on the available memory that you have in it.

To consult the maps that we have saved in the device you just have to return the settings of the Google Maps application and touch on ‘Offline maps’ to see the whole list. If we do not have access to the internet, we can not obtain directions or perform searches but at least we can see the map offline.

Update maps offline

To have all the maps offline, touch the gear on the top right where you have the list of your maps. Here you can activate the automatic update of your maps offline and choose to only update with a Wi-Fi connection. Also, if you click on the three points of one of them you will be able to update it, delete it, see it and change its name.

google maps 3

The maps that we have saved in the section of ‘Offline maps’ will expire in a year if they are not updated. If the automatic update option is not active, a notification will notify us just before it expires in order to update the map manually.

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