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How To Use Elokenz – A New Easy Content Marketing Tool

By Lisa @Lisapatb

How to Use Elokezn to Drive Traffic and Engagement To Your Blog

Elokezn is a new content marketing automHow To Use Elokenz – A New Easy Content Marketing Toolation tool. It is currently in beta. This content marketing automation tool is similar to the Buffer app. I was asked to test it out. When I started to use Elokenz I first thought, oh no, not another new automation tool. But after I began to use Elokenz for a few weeks it began to help me do more.

This new content marketing automation tool helps you can visibility on the social networks and engage more with your readers. It is a tool made for bloggers, content marketers and SEO consultants.

The new content marketing tool is not meant to be for total automation. ( I would not commend that!) It helps you to automate your social shares after carefully reviewing your stats and engagement levels on the social networks through your shares on Elokenz. Having the right tools today is really important for content marketing and bloggers alike.

How To Use Elokenz To Share Your and Others Content

First set up your RSS feed library - I love these type of RSS libraries. It helps you to keep track of the content you want to share on a regular basis. Pick your favorite blogs from around the web related to your niche. Put in their RSS feeds and they are ready to go. This helps you to share other's great content on your social networks regularly. You want to stick to the 80/20 rule, sharing others content 80% of the time and your own 20% of the time.

Then pick your social network profiles - You can choose from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. With their professional suite you can have all 3 social networks. They offer up to 25 social profiles with the professional version.

Set Up Your Scheduling Calendar - You can choose when your posts will go out by day, time and network. Very similar to the Buffer app. Make sure you pick your location and time zone. It's easy to forget that step when you get started on your dashboard. (I forgot!)

Then Start Your Re-Posts - Decide which and when to share your posts and others from your library. Pick others RSS feeds so you can be sharing others content and not all your own. You will be able to see in the dashboard which received more clicks than others. It could be you may need to change just the message of your tweets to receive more clicks. Emails will also be sent to you with this information from then when you use Elokenz.

How To Use Elokenz – A New Easy Content Marketing Tool
What is Different about Elokenz?

What is different about Elokezn is that when you set up your reports it gives you different options for the copy of your post. Nice! As a result now you can tweet out different versions or set them up differently for Facebook or LinkedIn. You can do this with the Buffer but they don't make suggestions like Elokenz does. (If you have been a reader here for long you know I've loved the Buffer app).

The other difference using Elokenz is that you have an Evergreen option with reposts. Evergreen content is content that can last for a long time. Evergreen is not a fad or the latest thing. Your reposts can last forever vs. a shorter time period with time sensitive posts. Most of all I love that feature when I use Elokenz!

Therefore the automation is not fully automated. You do want some control of your sharing of posts. You may control your posts by viewing over time which posts do better you can set things to report automatically. It's like a a/b testing system for your shares.

Another great feature is that Elokenz sends email on a regular basis. They let you know if you need to add more reports to your dashboard. They let you know which shares get clicks or not.

Elokenz Pricing

Your can start with the FREE plan with one social profile. Or you can use the individual plan for $8.50 per month which gives you 10 social profiles. There is also a professional plan for $22.00 per month that includes 25 social profiles. They do offer reduced prices for annual purchases vs. the monthly rates.

Who Is Elokenz?

Elokenz is a French company out of France. They have made a set of tools designed for bloggers and content marketers. The Elokenz company has a long term vision of providing more tools that span over social media, SEO, sales and analytics to give you power to drive more revenue from your content.

Check out the slideshare below for more quick tips on how to use Elokenz!

Will you use Elokenz today? You can try Elokenz for free here. Which is your favorite content marketing tool today? I'd love to know more in the comments below.

*I am not an affiliate of this content marketing tool. I just love trying out new tools!

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