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How to Trim Your Eyebrows

By Menscience

Men nowadays are spending a lot more time enhancing their grooming routines. One of the practices that more men are doing these days is eyebrow trimming.

Whether it’s just to control the few crazy hairs that tend to become more frequent as you age, or just to do something once and for all about that unibrow, eyebrow trimming is an easy way to get a more uniform and cleaner look. Here are the steps to follow when trimming your eyebrows.

1. First, look over your eyebrows and figure out how their appearance needs to be improved. Ask yourself if you are looking for a major change or you just want to shorten a couple stray hairs. The methods and tools you are going to use are determined by the amount of hair you plan to remove.

2. Now, you need to wash your eyebrows using warm water and face wash before you begin to pluck, trim, or tweeze them. This will help to soften the hair by opening up the hair follicles for easy removal.

3. Next, use a small electric trimmer or even a pair of scissors to shape and cut longer drifting hairs. For the most accuracy, it best to use a lighted mirror that has magnification.

4. You might also want to purchase and eyebrow template, which are available at most drugstores or beauty shops, if you want to pluck your eyebrows while shaping them. While plucking, the best technique is to work from the lowest part of the eyebrow up. These templates are also handy if you are shaving the edge with a razor or waxing.

5. Purchase a brow waxing kit at a convenience store or a drugstore. Spread warm wax on the areas between and under your brows, then with a little pressure, apply a cloth strap against the wax and quickly remove it. This will take the hair with it.

6. You can also shape a man’s eyebrows using some old-fashioned techniques like using shaving cream and a razor. Even though the margin of error is much greater doing this, if you make a noticeable mistake, the hair will quickly grow back within a few days. You can easily skip out of dealing with a unibrow with a quick swipe of a razor blade, but the gap between the two brows might be a bit too wide when it is done.

7. Finally, apply some aftershave or face lotion when you’re done. This will greatly reduce the chance of ingrown hair. “How to Deal with Ingrown Hairs” has more ways to help you fight this common skincare problem.

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