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How to Totally Stop Receiving Spam Comments

Posted on the 24 July 2014 by Babanature @proudlyonenaija

Okay! Let me start my today’s post like this: I hate receiving spam comments. One thing I hate the most is going through that spam folder and fetching out those good comments that got caught in the process of the spam filter.

How to Totally Stop Receiving Spam Comment

I have used akismet right from the start. Yes, akismet was a great plugin that helped me eradicate almost all spam comments coming to my blog.

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Well, the akismet did help fight bad comments at the first stage of my blogging career. But as time progresses, I entered the second phase of spamming.

Believe you me; akismet did not see most of the spam comments coming in, so I decided to support the akismet spam plugin with G.A.S.P plugin combined. But do you know what? As my blog grows even more, I met some advance set of spammers that infiltrated my blog comment section despite the anti spam plugins I was using.

Ahahah… spammers just don’t know when to stop…

If you are a blogger that receives spam comments a lot, trying to stop that spam from accessing your comment section will be the next best option, right?

How to Totally Stop Receiving Spam Comment

Sometime back, Adrienne from posted on her blog how to stop receiving spam comments using Commentluv’s own “Anti backlinker”.

After reading her post, I rushed down to my commentluv dashboard and downloaded the plugin. Yes, I did download the plugin, activated it and viola… I stop receiving those annoying spam comments just like that.

Ahahah… Yes, there was no string(s) attached to it just some few settings though


How you can stop receiving spam comments 100% using anti backlinker

First – make sure you have the commentluv premium installed and if you don’t have the premium plugin, you can download one for yourself here. Download Commentluv Premium Plugin Free

If you feel that the prize of the plugin is on the high side, you can simply use a coupon code to beat down the prize.

I did search for a coupon code that beat the commentluv premium plugin prize down to 25% off. And here is the coupon code => YKU25OFF

Now, if you have the commentluv plugin installed, go to your commentluv dashboard and download the “Anti Backlinker” plugin >>> Install it on your blog >>> Go to your dashboard >>> Click the “commentluv icon” you see by the left >>> click the “Anti Backlink” option to take you to its folder.

Are you there now? Let’s see some of the awesome features the “Anti Backlink” has…

√ You can now advice other bloggers who don’t have a gravatar to get one with the “gravatar check” option. The reason I love this section more, is simply because you can either warn those faceless commentators to get a gravatar or you can disable your comment section for bloggers who do not have a gravatar.

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Now, when you deny comments on bloggers who do not use gravatar, they will receive a message like the one below.

Stop Receiving Spam Comment with ant spam linker

Trust me, the above stops spam comments 99.9%

√ You can also prevent further comments from being submitted from your commenters if they already have a certain number of comments in moderation queue.

√ You can choose who to give link and who not to give link love

Aside the little and most powerful features mentioned above, it still does even more…

Now you have one good reason to kick out spam comments. Here’s a video done by Adrienne on how to set it up properly.

You can buy your commentluv here or use the above coupon code to slash the price down to 25% off

Back to You

Do you get spam comments to your blog? how do you fight these kind of problem? Are you able to bring down your spam comments to 99%? I would truly love to hear from you.

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Do you have comments, questions and or thoughts you’d love to share with us? Please do use the comment box below. Remember that your comments, questions and thoughts are highly welcome and most appreciated.

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