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How to Survive a Baby Fair - Daddy's Edition

By Chaayen
How to survive a Baby Fair - Daddy's Edition
We went for our first Baby Fair and I think I thrived pretty well. I won't say the same for the Hubs who honestly looked half-dead most of the time. I think we or maybe more accurately I managed to snag a few good deals and looted home quite a bit of samples/ freebies
Generally, the baby fair seems more like a Mum's thing cos most husbands did look like soulless shadows lurking at the corner staring aimlessly into space. So the husband decided to share some survival tips with the other husbands out there to make their life easier. LOL! Let the Hub take over...
How to survive a Baby Fair - Daddy's Edition

  1. Just pick one! There will be numerous fairs, just pick one to go because the deals are pretty much the same for most. Just pick the one which is the most convenient. We picked the one at MBS.

  2. Jio a friend along. Misery enjoy company. Your wife and your friend's wife can discuss and influence each other and the 2 of you can finally take a step back, talk and just be literal bag holders. 

  3. Don't listen to influencers. The deals they share are sponsored. The best deal we found of the day was by NTUC. Free delivery above $200, on top of great freebies thrown in. Any influencers mentioned them? Not a single one. 
    How to survive a Baby Fair - Daddy's Edition

  4. Create a list before going down. Don't let your wives walk and venture too much. The more they walk, the more they get sucked in and spend. The more they spend, the more you have to carry back. 

  5. Check what is available at the with-purchase freebies at the start. Honestly, you are bound to be disappointed if you are only there for the freebies. Focus your wives on the important things, we are here to snag the good deals. Freebies (if any) is a bonus. 

  6. Bring a luggage (not the kids): She did bring one and an Ikea bag so that made lugging the stuff around a lot easier. Kids are literally liabilities at fairs. Don't bring them because with them you can't shop fast and furious.

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