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How to Style Your Hair Without Hair Spray

By Ty Watson

Many girls face the problem that their hair looks bad after washing and especially after drying. As a rule, this problem is easily solved with the help of hairspray. But what if you don't have it and you urgently need to neatly style your hair? Let's talk about it today.

Hair Mask

This is probably the most popular way to replace hairspray. Most beauty bloggers on their Instagram blogs often recommend their favorite masks to readers. Usually users learn various life hacks from this social network.

You can even become such a blogger because it is quite simple. It is enough to create an account, buy Instagram followers at the initial stage of work and start doing something interesting for your audience.

As for the mask, you need to apply it to your hair after washing and dry it with a hair dryer or naturally. Be sure that your styling will last a long time. If you see that the hair is still sticking out in some places, you can fix it with a comb.

Is it worth trusting folk methods?

Many people are afraid to trust methods that are somehow related to herbal products and use only professional cosmetics. However, recently one can often hear opinions that professional cosmetics made from artificial materials can harm and be more dangerous than natural products.

We recommend that you try the simple hacks below, but don't assume that everything you read on the forums will be useful and safe. Trust only experts who really understand beauty and health.

If you cannot find such experts, then you have the opportunity to study a lot of materials and create your own blog. Of course, the competition in the beauty industry is high, but if you buy real Instagram followers at the beginning of your career, then you are guaranteed to get a good start and be able to become famous.


Quite a strange title for such an article, isn't it? In fact, citruses can help you if you don't have any hair styling products on hand.

You can use lemon water. To do this, you need to pour chopped lemon with half a liter of boiling water and after half an hour sprinkle this water on your hair.

Such a solution will easily fix your hair and allow you to go to an important meeting in your best appearance. This method is effective on both wet and dry hair. Therefore, you can use it even when you do not have the opportunity to wash your hair.

Agree, this life hack does not sound scary at all and is absolutely safe. Even if you are allergic to citrus products, this will not be a problem. You can apply this spray on your hair without fear.


Hair styling problems are something that most girls face almost daily. Don't panic if you don't have professional tools. Now you know how to fix the situation with improvised methods and are ready for any difficulties on your way.

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