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How To Stop Your Cat From Biting

By Petslady @petslady

Cat biting is a common problem among cats that should be stopped if it occurs. Cat bites have the potential to cause health problems. If your cat is biting, here are some methods to get him to stop.

Cat Yawn: Image by Sergio Vassio, FlickrCat Yawn: Image by Sergio Vassio, Flickr 

Why Cat's Bite

Cats generally bite because it feels natural to them. In the wild and as kittens, they often grow up scratching and biting during play with other cats. They also have hunting instincts that teach them to bite. Although it feels natural to the cat, it's not acceptable behavior and you shouldn't tolerate it.

Getting Your Cat To Stop Biting

Follow one or more of these methods to stop your cat from biting.

Say No

Start this method by saying "no" in an authoritative voice whenever your cat bites  you. Point your finger at the cat and maintain eye contact. After your cat seems to have gotten the point, stay out of his vicinity for 5-10 minutes.

Clap Your Hands

Although this method isn't the greatest for a timid cat, it can work wonders for a more aggressive cat. When your cat bites, reinforce your "no" from the previous step with a clap of the hands. Avoid clapping directly into the cats face, and repeat every time your cat tries to bite you.


Untitled: Image by Chiara Cremaschi, Flickr
Untitled: Image by Chiara Cremaschi, Flickr

As soon as your cat bites you, pick him up, and set him down away from you. Without further interacting with the cat, walk away. Leave the cat alone in the room you set him in for 5-10 minutes, almost like a time out. Be sure not to feed your cat within 20 minutes of him biting you, so he doesn't mistake the food for a reward. Repeat this every time your cat bites you. If simply ignoring the cat isn't working, you can combine setting him down with a firm "no".

Spray Bottle

Whenever your cat bites you, spray some water in his fur and say "no". Remember not to spray your cat in the face or soak him in water. One short spray should get the point across. If necessary, you can repeat this technique, but if it doesn't do the trick after a few times it might be a good idea to switch to another method.

With one or more of these methods, your cat should stop biting and begin to show improved behavior. Remember to never hit or yell at your cat, and be patient. 

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