How to Stay Stylish While Backpacking in 4 Easy Steps

Posted on the 25 October 2022 by Mirela Letailleur @mirela_iepurela

The conventional image of a backpacker is most often someone dressed in cargo pants or shorts, a T-shirt, and easy-to-wear walking shoes. Maybe a few will deck themselves out with woven bracelets, hats, or sunglasses, in an attempt to be more stylish while backpacking. You might even occasionally see them sporting pieces of clothing or accessories from local markets, proudly emblazoned with the name of their destination. There’s a reason this extremely low-maintenance way of dressing has prevailed among travel buffs for years. For one thing, traveling often entails being on the go constantly and engaging in a lot of ...

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Original post by Mirela Letailleur (The Travel Bunny): How to stay stylish while backpacking in 4 easy steps

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