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How to STAY Happy?

By Umkhaloodie

How to STAY happy?

Being happy is something that should come naturally, infact, we should always be happy but for some people, they live their lives in states of highs and lows.

How can you stay happy? When you are on that ‘high’, how can you stay that way?

Firstly, ask yourself, what causes happiness?

Do your friends make you happy?

Do your family make you happy?

Does your work make you happy?

Figure out what makes you happy and then figure out what doesn’t. Once you get rid of that negativity, you will find yourself, smiling, constantly.

Of course, we all have bad days but then you have to remind yourself of all the things you DO have, the people you DO have, the things that you DO have, appreciate what you have and stop searching for things you need.


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