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How To Start A Business With Limited Capital?

Posted on the 18 August 2014 by Altcom @altcomms
Aug 18, 2014

How To Start A business With Limited Capital?

If you have a great business idea but lack of funding, how you going to proceed? OM/ONE is a good case study. They created a prototype video for public awareness and collect feedback, then they continue raise funding by donation and pre-order strategy.

Users expectation are different, some prefer reward and some not. Om Audio have a brilliant way to ask money:

  • Donate without request reward
  • 1USD – Our thanks and your name listed on our website
  • 25USD – T-Shirt
  • 179USD – The standard speaker + T-Shirt (Create urgency by limit it to first 1000 supported)
  • 299USD – Premium design speaker
  • 329USD – Stardard speaker + limited edition T-Shirt
  • 529USD – Premium design speaker + limited edition T-Shirt
  • 1000USD – 2 Custom design speaker (pick your own color) + T-Shirt
  • 3,000USD – you can join the founder for dinner + limited edition speaker + T-shirt

OMONE audio

The project is success raise funding, it exceed base request.


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