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How To Stand Out From The Crowd, As A Blogger

Posted on the 23 May 2013 by Babanature @proudlyonenaija

Blogging is truly one amazing adventure every likeminded should explore or embark on, don’t you think? Being in the blogging world has thought me a lot of things, even more than I can ever imaging.


I am a full time blogger and a proud one; you can tell by the way I write

. When I started blogging newly, nobody told me that blogging was going to be this hard. Yes! I almost lost my way and zeal to continue the blogging journey. Do you know why? Because I almost or should I say, I thought the market was filled up and i had no mentor to look up to. I saw other blogs with high alexa rank, great writing skills and incredible blog design that are in the same niche as I am so I wondered, how am i going to compete with these awesome guys because I had no idea of what I was doing as at that time.

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So before I embark on my journey of becoming a “successful” blogger, I did what we known as “visibility study”. I am a researcher by profession, so I research very hard to come up with a perfect (well not that perfect) plan to make myself known, because I know if I come out without studying the market properly, I will definitely crash. I also know that I don’t have that incredible writing skill, or that perfect (million dollar) blog, but I know I can provide one thing and that thing is; information that people will find interesting and helping. I came up with some few plans and decided to implement them to see how it plays out and to my surprise, it worked beautifully. But if you ask me what I did, I’ll say I stand out from the crowd and allow my voice to be heard.

As A Blogger, How To Stand Out From The Crowd


Standing out wasn’t that difficult because if you look closely, all the materials you need to be heard is already around you but you just got to reach for them… Below are the simple steps I took to make me stand out.

A unique blog design:

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I have a truly ugly and bold blog, I know! I have created a lot of beautiful, white background blogs for so many clients and friends but i decided to make mine very simple. Let me tell you guys why I made my blog this way;

When I started the blogging world newly, most of the “experience” bloggers I met told me to have a blog that looks like what every bloggers have. You know, like making the blog background white and with black text so it’ll match and more clear to read, i was even told to make the design as modern and beautiful as possible so it’ll attract visitors. Deep down in me do you know what I felt? Copy cat. Yes! I don’t like copying other people or do what other people are doing, why? Because if you copy other people and that person you’re copying eventually fades away, you’re bound to fade away too (that’s reality). I don’t want to fall like so many bloggers are doing, so I did the opposite by making my blog as it is now.

When you’re doing something good and different, people will always want to do what you do, right? So be the leader and not the follower…

Your writing technique:

How is your writing skill? Are you writing like you are somebody else? If you’re trying to write like Harleena Singh, Mavtrevor Nwosu or Adrienne Smith, you will never make it past the first stage of blogging  that means you will fail woefully because if those names i mentioned earlier had copied other bloggers writing skills, they would have never made it this far.

You might be afraid that if you write in your voice nobody is going to read your post or you so love the way your favorite authors are writing that you magically writing as they do. If you don’t know, you’re losing a lot but you might not feel it now but someday you will. When you write in your voice and with your brain, you will definitely get engagements from your readers and they will always want to be getting more and more and even more tips from you. You might even get new bloggers who’d want to be like you. Be unique

Turning multiple ideas as one (Be unique):

How you deliver your post matters. As I have said earlier; no niche you will think of entering or that you’re in today that millions of people are not in and it will be hard getting post title that have not been treated before. Yes! That’s a fact that you have to put in mind but what can you do to make a difference? Make a twist to the whole thing, research on the post before you make it live, if you have had personal experience with what you’re writing, infuse it. After doing this? You will discover that you have made something different from what other people are doing and to make the post killer and irresistible, make the second step blend with it.

Let me give you an example of one of my post; many people have talked about windows 8 and how to crack it with activator, right? Because I know a little (a lot) about technology, I bring a trick of cracking windows 8 using command prompt. Now the point is, while every bloggers or people are copying their selves, I bring out something different from what other bloggers are doing and I got reworded by Google for that. Again be unique

Be persistent and never give up:

I was told that accepting defeat and learn from your mistakes is what makes you a man. In life you will always meet obstacles that will always want you to quite but to overcome that situation is what makes you who you are.

When I first started my internet journey in 2010, I started with a forum because forum was much easier to create then. With no knowledge on how to manage the forum or even drive traffic to it, I began to lose hope and eventually I let go of the forum and continue with my freelance job. The point is; if I had the experience I have now the forum wouldn’t have fold up, right? But the thing is, I never gave up because while I was writing for people, I was getting knowledge of how to manage my own.

What makes a man persistent is if he has knowledge/ information about something before jumping in. Remember that losing hope is a sign of giving up. My advice to you is first study the market of anything before joining that particular thing, and then you won’t think of giving up.

Be truthful and be honest:

I know you’re a good writer but are you telling me the story as it is? Do you know what makes some bloggers excel even more? Because they say it as they see it. Yes! Check out your mentor’s blog, they tell you how they get their traffic, how they make their money and what strategy they take. Even if they don’t revel it all at least they give you a head start. You can learn from all this and make your story even more twisted and more flavored.

Give your reader what they want, be that problem solver and you will definitely get people coming for more.

Push yourself to the audience:

Now you have succeeded in standing out from the crowed of bloggers. It is time to take that bold step and be the best you can be…

Remember that standing out from the crowed will not only draw traffic naturally but it will give you even more credibility and you’ll be acknowledged by bloggers


I have said just so much about so much. Now it’s time to sit back and allow you to tell me some other things I have not mentioned that will be useful and very helpful to others that are looking for ways to stand out.

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