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How to Spot a Fake GMT Master

By Fashionmagus

How to Spot a Fake GMT MasterRolex watches are popular worldwide for their uniqueness, elegance and brilliant functionality. Rolex watches are efficient, reliable and durable. They are made of the best quality material and incorporate high quality craftmanship to ensure that they not only meet the aesthetic expectations but also live up to their reputation in terms of functionality and durability. It is however not a guarantee that any watch you purchase is a genuine Rolex. There are several fake GMT Master watches in the market and you might end up with one if you are not keen when making the purchase. To avoid buying a knockoff GMT Master, it is vital that you know how to spot a fake version of the watch.

Examine the Back

The back of the Rolex GMT Master is among the easiest ways of telling whether it is a genuine or a fake. Simply flip the watch over and have a look at the case back. Genuine Rolex GMT Master watches have backs made of high-quality solid material. The back should also have a hologram sticker that has the signature Rolex crown. The hologram works when you move the watch. With this distinctive case back, it is pretty easy to spot a fake version of the watch. Most fakes are often made of a transparent material that lets you see the internal mechanics of the watch. If the watch has a transparent case back, it is definitely a fake. There are also those that have a hologram. For the fake versions of the watch, you will notice that the hologram isn’t real and doesn’t move when the watch is moved.

The Face

Another area to look at when establishing the authenticity of a GMT Master is the face. What you are looking for on the dial is the color. It is noteworthy that for all genuine Rolex GMT watches, the dial is black, regardless of the model or style. If the dial of the watch in question comes in any other color, then you are without a doubt looking at a fake model.

Examine the Crystal

The crystal of the GMT Master is another great feature of the watch to look at to help you determine if it is a genuine or a fake. Rolex uses sapphire in the production of its crystals. An easy way of determining if the crystal is made of sapphire is by placing a drop of water on the crystal. If the water stays intact without sliding towards the bezel of the watch, it is most certainly made of sapphire. Another way is by looking at the crystal from the side. The crystal of a genuine Rolex GMT Master is thick and distorts light going through it. If the crystal is clear, the watch is likely to be a fake.

Besides the features of the watch, another way of spotting a fake GMT Master is by scrutinizing the vendor. If they are charging cheap for the watch and do not seem like authorized retailors, you should be careful before making the purchase.

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