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How To Speed Up Your Phone Performance Quickly

By Sandy16

Your new smartphone works very fast when you bought it at the beginning, and it began to drop down its performance after few days. This is not only the problem you are facing but there are many smartphone users who suffer to see drop down in their phone’s performance. Luckily here we have a solution for your problem to speed up your phone performance as you enjoyed at the beginning.

The only thing that irritates us the most is the speed, the faster it works the smarter your work goes on. When you first purchased the smartphone it works with blazing speed and later it starts irritating you by lacking in its performance. Even I had the same problem with my smartphone then I made some changes to my smartphone that made my phone work as fast as it was before.

1. Why only use default launcher?

The appearance of smartphone like icons, widgets, notifications and more comes under phone launcher settings. By default, every smartphone has its own default launcher developed by its developers to showcase all the functions by consuming more RAM usage. To avoid the problem of phone slow-down change the launcher by choosing the best and well-optimised launcher to your smartphone. Choose the launcher that works with less usage of RAM and boosts the phone without any disturbances.

2. Use lite apps

The main problem with the large sized apps like Facebook is that it consumes more data and more space on your smartphone. Even big sized games use more RAM and struck the phone, the only solution to stop phone getting slow is to remove the heavy apps that lack the performance. Additionally, you can use the lite version apps which provide you with the similar features. Only install less sized apps for getting maximum performance out of your smartphone.

3. Using of wallpapers

Putting attractive and over animated live wallpapers can greatly put your phone into trouble. Wallpapers with high animation features will drag the phone’s performance down and down. Live wallpapers consume more power usage and put your phone in strucking condition if you really don’t want to struck your phone then you should stop using live wallpapers and animated wallpapers. The only thing you can do to boost your phone performance is to keep plain and neat wallpapers that never disturbs your speed. An arrangement of your phone’s wallpapers plays the main role in speeding up your phone performance.

4. Disable the apps that use more power

speed up your phone performance

Track your phone performance by checking the apps through tracking mode. Track all the apps and identify the apps which consume more power. Now identify the apps that use more WiFi, CPU loads and RAM usage. After tracking the usage statistics of the apps disable or uninstall the apps that consume more CPU power. You should note that the lesser the load acts on the CPU the faster it works.

5. Close background apps

Try to close all the background apps completely, don’t just minimise the app. Minimising the app won’t stop its working functions so try to close the all the multitasking tabs. By closing all the multitasking tabs you can free up some RAM and it helps you provide better performance and it ensures to speed up your phone performance.

6. Disable all the automation

Technology has given us many powerful tools like automatic techniques and settings. Try to disable all the automatic settings like auto-lock, waking up the screen, notifications, automatic sensors and much more. By practicing this technique you can decrease the loads on the CPU and in return it gives you increased performance to your phone.

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7. Restart your device 

This is the most recommended and most practised technique by many smartphones user. This is the simplest technique to speed up your phone performance without undergoing any settings. Just simply restart your device by long pressing the power key and select Restart. Restarting the devices helps you free up more power by closing all the apps and its functions.

We hope these tips on speeding up your phone performance helped you and if you are having any ideas & tips to speed up your phone performance you can write to us through the comments section.

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