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How to Set Prices for Private Lessons

By Naturegirl321 @SharonTEFLTips

How to Set Prices for Private Lessons

From VK

I previously wrote about how to get private students and how to teach private classes. I also wrote about the dangers of competing with other teachers on price. So how exactly do you decide how much to charge students? Here are some things to consider.
Level: Very high levels and very low levels of English often require a lot of prep and many teachers charge more because of this.
Student Age: Again, the money is in the opposite extreme. Very young kids and business people often pay more for private English classes.
Type of class: If it's general English you're going to be charging less than teachers who do exam prep or EAP for example. 

How often you meet per week: Some teachers give students discounts for multiple classes per week.
How long the classes are:  A teacher may charge 50 for an hour class and 90 for a two hour class.

Commuting time: I'm against charging more for students who live further away. You wouldn't ask your boss to pay you more because you have to travel further than your co-worker. If you don't want to travel too far simply don't accept the student.
If you're interested in earning more money by tutoring, here's a guide that will help you set up your tutoring business. 

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