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How to Select Your Best Neutrals

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

How do you make a choice about the very best neutrals for you?

You can choose black because that is freely available in every clothing store around the world. That's the easy way .... but it's definitely not necessarily the best way for you, nor will it potentially be your most flattering choice.

In fact, black has visual weight (it has a heavier feeling than any other colour) and so it may not be your most slimming (contrary to popular belief).

Black reflects shadows, so gives you double chins, under-eye bags and highlights every line and wrinkle. So it may not be your most youthful colour either.

Eeek Imogen! I hear you cry. What are my options now that black is not my best friend?

What to choose instead?

The best way to choose your most flattering neutrals is to look at your own colouring and use the colours that are innate in you.

Start with Your Hair

Choosing neutrals that are contained in your hair colour is the easiest way to select flattering ones that will work well with you.

Which neutrals to choose? Try Hair Enhancers

Choose a hair enhancer - this is a colour that is very similar to your hair colour.

So if you have black or very dark brown hair, black, may be a good neutral, but if you have a mid-brown or lighter coloured hair - then black is not so great for you. Try brown instead, one that is similar in value (darkness) to your hair.

Got red hair? Think cognac or a burnished brown.

Got blonde hair? Then you're looking for a beige or white that most closely matches your hair.

Got grey hair? Then, of course, there will be greys that are your hair enhancers.

Try Hair Intensifiers

Another option is to choose an intensifier colour to your hair. This is a colour that intensifies your hair colour - makes it look bolder.

Brown hair is intensified by navy blue.

Red hair is intensified by your deep dark khaki greens.

Neither grey or blonde have intensifiers just because of where they are on the colour wheel (or off it).

Still, not to worry, there are other places you can select great neutrals to flatter you from!

Work with Your Eyes

Just as you looked for both enhancers and intensifiers for hair neutrals - you can do exactly the same thing for finding your best eye-enhancing or intensifying neutrals.

Brown eyes - browns of course, but look closely - maybe yours have some other neutrals in them as well that you can play with. Enhancers for brown - try navy or sometimes a dark green.

Blue eyes - navy is your go-to neutral - it will always make your eyes pop. Enhancers for blue can be greys or browns.

Green eyes - whatever shade of green they are, look for dark or muted versions of your eye colours - from the warm khaki greens to the deep forest greens depending on your eyes. Your enhancers are deep dark burgundy shades.

Hazel - your eyes have multiple neutralish colours in them - so go for whichever beige, browns and greens make them pop.

Simple as That

It's not too complex when you think about it in these terms!

Which neutrals will you build your wardrobe around?How to Select Your Best Neutrals

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