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How to Save Earth Bringing More Greanery and Create Jobs

Posted on the 02 July 2014 by Master Adviser - Share Ideas : @masteradviser

Plant Tree Save Earth - Master Adviser

This is a brilliant scope if followed properly and our concrete jungle would look like lash green from the top. There will be less pollution in the city. People would breath more healthy fresh air. Fresh air means less germs and good health. Lowering chances of current increasing sufferings from cancer and lungs related issues. We will have a healthy happy life.

We can bring more greenery to our motherland, save earth and create new jobs scopes in this current saturated job market. Here's how we believe it can bring new dimension towards healthy living:What is the Proposal:

First thing first. Our moto is to bring more greenery to this world. Our environment welfare friends are trying so hard and many discussions are going on, many steps taken by the authorities but still we are in shortage of our target. Here we would like to bring some new idea/proposal and we believe its very suitable and affordable. Now coming to the point, our proposal is to plant on the roofs of every house/buildings whether it is private or government. 
Rooftop Planting - Master AdviserTo enforce this, we request all the Government authority support by passing an order. In the order it should be clearly mentioned that every house/building whether it is residential or commercial, should plant at-least 1/3rd of total rooftop (calculated on super area) and maintain properly and failure to do this would attract penalty. Our proposal is Govt may fix penalty @20% of total value of the super area to be calculated on the basis of its lands current market value. (We believe without fear of penalty many would ignore). 

How this will create job?

Yes your thinking is absolutely spot on. The building owners have to maintain the prescribed format. Hence they have to depute a Gardener. So there will be huge requirement to maintain the greenery. And new people will be recruited/involved. 

There will be some institutes which will train freshers to become good Gardener. So scope to involve institutes and their trainers/workers, affiliates, etc.... new job scope opened and see its effects in large scale.How to ensure its maintenance? 

Now coming to the point, Government should enforce strict vigilance through its forest department. They will visit once in every month in the circle. Hence, there will also be requirement of manpower in the forest department. Hence new job scopes is created there too.
Disclaimer: This is just an idea. It is the government entity to decide and we are not forcing anybody to follow but if you feel this idea suitable then do support.


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