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How To Properly Backup And Restore Your iPhone Data

Posted on the 21 March 2013 by Stephen Anyatonwu @StefnSylvester
How To Properly Backup And Restore Your iPhone Data
Backing up your iPhone data is important to you to keep your data safe. With iTunes, you can backup your data with two methods: onto your computer and on iCloud. iCloud is cloud storage that which gives you the ability to sync between multiple iOS devices and your Mac. With these two options, you can rest assured that your previous data is restorable.  iTunes is usually a hassle when it comes to transfering music and pictures. However, backing up your iOS devices on iTunes is very simple and takes just a few clicks. Here’s how to do it properly

Backing Up Your iPhone Data

When you connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes, you can immediately see the options to backup your data to your computer or to iCloud. Note that iCloud only backs up a few important things, while backing up to your computer backs up almost everything on your device. Select either option, and click Backup. Then come back to this and select the second option for a complete backup. iPhone Backup You can select both backup methods through iTunes under the Summary tab of your device and it is recommended that you run the backup process manually by right clicking on your device and clicking on Back Up.
Manual Backup

How To Backup And Restore Apps

To backup apps, use the Transfer Purchases option found when you right click your device on iTunes. Transfer Purchases Doing this transfers and backs up all the apps installed on your iOS device to your computer. Since restoring your device from a backup does not restore apps, you can drag the apps transferred to iTunes back to your device. Apps

How To Restore From Backup

Once you have a backup, you can easily restore most of the important information to a new or recently restored device. All you have to do is connect your iDevice to your computer and start iTunes. Right click on your device in iTunes and select Restore From Backup. Then select the latest backup and restore it. Restore from Backup
When times get rough, it’s time to restore factory settings. ‘Restore Factory Settings‘ will wipe out all information from the iDevice, turning it brand new, like the first time it came out of the box.
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