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How to Prepare for the Trip of Your Dreams

By Petershaw1984
How to prepare for the trip of your dreams

Travel broadens even the most learned of horizons. From arriving in Japan to discover that sushi chefs train for 10 years just to learn to prepare the rice, to finding out from locals in Greece that the big idea behind all that smashing of plates at weddings is to trick evil spirits into thinking that the event is not a celebration but rather an argument, so not to bother turning up to try to ruin anything. Culture is as whimsical as it is moreish. However, a word to the wise before we progress: things can and do go wrong. Mostly, people run into trouble with travel documents and lost tickets, so it's always worth knowing the phone number of your embassy. Another classic pitfall is a car accident - see this car accident settlement calculator Ontario if you're affected. Now, on with the show. Let's cover how to prepare for the trip of your dreams.

Saving for your trip is a bigger deal than you think

Setting a saving budget and sticking to it is super easy if you're only planning to save the cost of cheap flight, with perhaps some pocket change put aside for a couple of drinks at the airport before you set off. But there is so much more to travel. Think insurance. Think wardrobe. Think 'daily spends' when you're there. Accommodation goes without saying, but what about climate preparations whilst staying overnight, like insect repellent or nets? When you really begin a deep dive into what's going to fill your luggage (which is another thing you also may have to buy), you'll discover that your budgeting for your travel plans is going to need much more attention than you may have previously considered.

Research the destination - make the most of your time

Many moons ago, a friend of mine called Mike (that really is his name) traveled mainland Europe without a plan. He visited Prague and took a photo on the Charles Bridge without knowing he was on the Charles Bridge. He visited Munich during Oktoberfest without knowing what he was seeing. He saw the world's third biggest cathedral in Milan, completely by accident. He even saw the building in Brussels (worth looking up if you're bored), without planning to. Mike was lucky. Don't risk it. Know what you want to see and do and plan time to make the most of your trip.


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