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How to Prepare for Newchic 4th Anniversary Sale?

By Zhangyaohui

This is Newchic’s 4th anniversary since its launch. This annual event is not only a celebration, but also a grand shopping party. Almost half a month before the Newchic 4th Anniversary sale, it has launched a series of sales promotion activities to reward its customers. Here we will take a look at five tips on how to get well-prepared for this shopping carnival.

1. Collect gift box

This year, Newchic’s warm up sale highlights the game of Gift box collection. These gift boxes may contain coupon, points, free gift, special offers and even one more free gift box. The more gift box you collect, the more prizes and bonuses you will receive. Ways to get gift box include:

Find on the product detail pages with the 4th logo

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Newhic 4th Anniversary Sale Gift Box Collection
Newhic 4th Anniversary Sale Gift Box Collection

2. Collect Coupon 

Coupon can really save you a big sum of money during this anniversary party. Newchic has offered a large number of coupons for both ole and new friends. It is worth mentioning that the 10 Newhic customers top the purchasing list will get extra huge coupon which they can redeem when shopping later. Ways to get coupon include:

Order > $20 (new friends)

Order > $59 (old friends)

Collect Gift Box

Download App

Join the Lucky Draw

Newchic 4th Annivsersary Sale Coupon
Newchic 4th Annivsersary Sale Coupon

3. Add to cart 

If you plan to get some nice deals or grab some items you have been lusting for, it is suggested that you add them to the shopping cart even before the warm-up sale. It is highly possible that you find the nice deals you want but you can’t remember where you saw it. Thus, you are advised to add what you want to buy into the cart ahead of time. In this way, you can be well prepared before the 72 hours crazy party All you need is to select your favorite products and then place orders .

Shopping Cart

4. Join The Lucky Draw

By participating in the lucky draw, you have the chance to win different bonuses and prizes, including free gift, huge coupon, gift card and points. I f you are the Lucky ones, you can enjoy $99 coupon, $200 gift card and more big surprises. Ways to join in the lucky draw include:

Collect 10 gift boxes (for one try)

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Enter Order history (three times only)

Newchic 4th Anniversary Sale Lucky Draw
Newchic 4th Anniversary Sale Lucky Draw

5: Download APP

Newhcic App gets us to know the hot sales, flash deals, big events and more at the very first time. By downloading Newchic APP, shoppers can enjoy some special offers and surprises that are only intended for App users during the 4th aniversary sale. Apart from the benefits we have mentioned, Newhic App users can get a total of $60 coupon, a free gift for first order and exclusive discounts.

Hve you prepared for Newchic 4th Anniversary Sale 2018? Following all these tips above, you can easily buy more nice bargains while getting a lot of fun out of this shopping carnival

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