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How to Plant Strawberry Seeds?

By Zhangyaohui

Every family wants a beautiful garden to enjoy the lovely time while at home. As a smart housewife, no one is expecting to do a lot of work but get nothing they like to see. To add more fun to your garden and make it a lovely sight, picking up some special garden seeds is necessary, which creates your own sight that differentiated from that of your neighbors. I mean, shopping some blue strawberry seeds and rainbow rose seeds from Newchic is the first step to motivate your planting job.

If you are looking for the perfect timing for seeding, here comes spring! The early sowing is gonna to take less than one season resulting in blue strawberries. Normally the best time is between December to the beginning of March, so it is almost the final chance recently if you want to see the blue strawberry seeds to bring some real stuff before super hot days. The budding time is about 3 weeks after you sow the organic strawberry seeds. Then it takes about 15 days to blossom and 30 days from flowering to fruit maturity. The exact time is depending on the variety, environment and weather.

blue strawberry seeds

500Pcs Blue Strawberry Rare Fruit Vegetable Seeds Bonsai Edible, US$4.99

Newchic blue strawberry seeds

Blue Strawberries Are Eatable!

Speaking the most popular unique garden seeds, rare rainbow rose seeds have been in the best-selling list from last year. Rose is one of the most popular gardening choice for a long time. People love rose, that is why real rainbow rose seeds are produced, to add an elegant and creative type to the classic rose world. The special rainbow rose seeds are as easy to plant as the other rose seeds, you don’t need extra consideration before buying them. And the blossom time is similar to that of the fruiting time of the special blue strawberry seeds.

rainbow rose seeds 

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Buy these interesting garden seeds in:

Rainbow Tomato Seeds

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Rainbow Chrysanthemum Seeds

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