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How To Plan A Beach Wedding

By Weddingblog2011

The beach wedding is often seen and regarded as the most romantic of settings to host that very special day in your life. There is nothing more wonderful than standing beneath breathtaking azure skies while clear turquoise waters lick your feet and provide an exotic backdrop as you exchange your vows. Whether you decide to have a beach wedding just for the scenery, or you decide it’s much cheaper than dealing with the frills and extras of chapels and reception halls, planning your beach wedding also takes time and should be organized well.

Have you decided on a theme yet? Why have a theme when it’s already at the beach? Just because it’s a beach wedding doesn’t mean you cannot add a little flavor to make it different and unique. You may decide to make it a Hawaiian themed wedding complete with the groomsmen wearing floral shirts and the girls dressed in lei and grass skirts. You can go for the surfer theme, where the wedding site can be decorated with surfing items. Don’t forget the tropical, Caribbean or Nautical themes. Some of your guests can get a kick out of playing dress-up and looking like sea men or pirates.

Make your invitations unique. Instead of the usual paper and envelope, you can make use of faux shellfish, starfish or flip flops with a scroll of paper attached containing all the important details about your wedding. Keeping with the theme, try the “message-in-a-bottle” invitation, where colorful bottles (usually plastic) is filled with sand with your wedding invitation tucked within. It’s a fun way to get the guests revved up for your big day.

For footwear, it makes no sense to wear stilettos on the beach. It’s difficult enough just walking bare foot! However, that’s the fun of having a beach wedding. There are no rules, so you can choose to wear flip flops, or do go barefoot but accessorize with foot jewelry that draws attention to your ankle or toes. It goes without saying that getting a really good pedicure helps too!

When deciding on the foods to be served at the wedding, go with grilled meat and tropical foods. Dishes like kabobs, which can be made up of vegetables, fruits, beef, chicken, squid or fish, are always a hit with the guests. You can also have a cake with flavors that channel the tropical setting such as pineapple, mango and key lime. Another hit with guests is having fruit slush and smoothies. These are items that can cool down the guests especially if it’s a particularly hot day.

Music choices should be fun and easy-going. Instead of going with the traditional bridal march songs like “Here Comes the Bride”, try a reggae beat provided by a live band playing steel drums and bamboo flutes. If you cannot afford those, get a DJ that will provide classic island tunes to serenade you and your guests.

Having a beach wedding is supposed to be a fun and relaxing event, so make it as exciting and entertaining as possible without the stress and hassles.

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