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How to Pick the Perfect Greenhouse

By Mountain Publishing @mountainpublish
How to Pick the Perfect Greenhouse

If there's one way to get closer to nature, it's by tending to a garden all your own. Whether you're more into growing decorative plants or vegetables, gardening can be an incredibly soothing experience.

Of course, since our local climate is what it is, it's hard to cultivate all plants you might want without any extra aid. That's where greenhouses come in. A perfect solution for any avid gardener, it's the best way to protect your most tender plants from the chilly winter weather.

However, just deciding that you need a greenhouse in your life is only the first step. Before you get one, you need to know exactly what you need.

We've prepared this article precisely to help you out before choosing the perfect greenhouse for you.

Small Gardeners, Professionals and Serious Hobbyists

They say that need is the mother of invention, but the origin of greenhouses can be better described as a whim than a necessity. They're definitely not a recent development, as they can be traced back to antiquity, with the Roman emperor Tiberius demanding fresh cucumbers all year round which, what with the cyclical nature of Europe's climate zones, isn't exactly achievable under normal circumstances. Still, this original invention was little more than a cart that was taken inside the house at night - a far cry from what we know as greenhouses today.

The first greenhouses structurally similar to what we have today rose to prominence in 13th century Italy. Known as botanical gardens, their main purpose was providing entertainment to the rich, as they needed them to house the exotic plants they brought from their journeys. However, the most crucial structural detail in greenhouses today wouldn't be introduced until the 15th century, when Italians invented glass that would be used for ceilings, so as to provide the plants with easy access to sunlight.

This gave them the name "glasshouses", though they were more commonly referred to as "conservatories".

How to Pick the Perfect Greenhouse

Up until the 19th century, they remained strictly a diversion for the rich, though they weren't limited to just exotic plants anymore. It was this period, however, that a new value was placed upon greenhouses. Botanists have decided that these little structures can provide them with good material to study various aspects of plant life, which culminated in the construction of the Crystal Palace, the largest greenhouse to date, which allowed botanists to study exotic plant life to a previously unattainable extent.

Nowadays, greenhouses use the latest technologies to make sure all plants grown in them have the best possible conditions. Many greenhouses are automated, making working with them much easier, especially for larger, more professional endeavors. But even smaller greenhouses for casual gardeners will definitely benefit from the solutions modern greenhouses have to offer. Thanks to all this, there is now a great variety of greenhouses available, so you can pick one that best fits your personal needs.

How to Pick the Perfect Greenhouse

Wooden Greenhouses

If you're looking for a greenhouse with a timeless look, wooden greenhouses are your best bet. With a traditional style, these greenhouses are evocative of the Victorian era, but on the inside, they're as modern as can be. Most providers offer various wood and color options, with sturdy, high-quality glass and various other amenities, including automated systems, to help make your gardening a little easier.

Lean-to Greenhouses

Lean-to greenhouses are the perfect choice for you if you're looking for something that combines nice, traditional looks with incredible durability. Because they are installed as an extension of your home, as if they were leaning on it - hence the name - they are incredibly wind-resistant, providing you with a stable solution that will last for a long time.

Odd shapes

All this time we've been talking about traditional greenhouses, but perhaps you're looking for something a bit more forward thinking? If so, there are definitely some odd shapes available out there, including round greenhouses, also known as biodomes.

These odd little greenhouses also carry various other benefits, such as hastening the general speed at which seeds develop as well as being much more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional greenhouses. Though they're most commonly used at research facilities, you might want to look into them even as a home gardener.

Small greenhouses for the kitchen and balcony

Yes, these greenhouses definitely exist, and they're a perfect addition to any home. Whether you're someone who lives in a flat but is craving that authentic gardening experience or you want to have some herbs always handy at your kitchen, these miniature greenhouses are an incredible addition to your home.


Greenhouses have been a mainstay of many homes for centuries. Whether you're interested in them for more practical reasons or simply enjoy the aesthetic, the point stands that they're the perfect way to make gardening more fruitful and more enjoyable. So get yourself a greenhouse that best meets your individual needs and enjoy a more complete gardening experience.

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