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How to Pick The Best Bathroom Floor Tiles For Your Bathroom Floor

By Anne Mehla
How to Pick The Best Bathroom Floor Tiles For Your Bathroom FloorBathroom floor tilesare among the most important tiles in any person's home. This is because bathroom floors have to be durable and more importantly they have to be consistently clean.
Bathrooms are very private places, and in many cases, we can't properly clean ourselves unless we are taking a bath in a clean area. So in looking for a good set bathroom tiles for your bathroom floor, aesthetics isn't the only issue that you have to worry about.
A bathroom also has to serve its function, and one of the best ways of ensuring this is by choosing the right type of floor tiles for your bathroom.Three Issues to Consider When Selecting Bathroom Floor Tiles For Your Bathroom Floor

When selecting bathroom floor tiles, the first important to remember that bathrooms can easily become one of the dirtiest rooms in your house. Although it's true that bathrooms is where we clean ourselves, it's also the place where we leave most of our dirt and grime behind.

Therefore, if you're still looking for a reliable set of bathroom floor tiles, remember that you need something that is easy to clean and resistant to various types of grime.

The next issue that you will need to consider is, which type of bathroom tiles are most appropriate for the kind of bathroom that you want to build. As such, there are primarily three types of bathroom tiles to choose from.

These include;Glass - With glass, you get a recyclable material that comes in a wide variety of colors, which allows you to use Mosaic tiles for your bathroom floor. They are also easy to clean and offer good traction.
The only problem, however, is that not all glass tiles are appropriate for your floor. In fact, only a select few have the strength and texture to be use as floor tile. You also need to make sure is properly treated to be non-slip to avoid accidents since they are extremely slippery when wet.

Ceramics - If you choose to buy ceramic tiles then you can expect an easy-to-clean and waterproof bathroom floor. Ceramic tiles are particularly suited for moisture rich areas, and their sturdy design offers great value for their price.

They are also ideal for decal ornamentation if you want to have a nice looking bathroom floor.

Natural Stone - If durability is your top priority, then what you need are natural stone bathroom floor tiles. Aside from their natural beauty, most natural stone floors also offer a natural pattern that will make your bathroom floor appear completely unique than most others.

Also, many natural stone bathroom floors prevent slips and accidents. The only problem is that natural stone floors require a lot of maintenance, particularly if you're using those that are porous in nature such as marble.

Although it's possible to use other types of tiles, these 3 are the most commonly used tiles that are used to assemble a bathroom floor. So if you're still looking for options with regards to your bathroom floor tiles, it's best to start with these three options.

Later, if you're not satisfied with their features, you can always explore less orthodox options.

Finally, it's important to consider the number of people who will be using your bathroom on a daily basis. Most bathroom tiles are classified using the Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) ratings.

These include;1 - No foot traffic2 - Minimum foot traffic3 - Moderate foot traffic4 - Heavy foot traffic5 - Extra Heavy foot traffic.

A PEI rating of 1 indicates that you shouldn't use that particular material as a floor tile. In contrast, a PEI rating of 5 means that your floor tiles can withstand a lot of foot traffic.

How to Pick The Best Bathroom Floor Tiles For Your Bathroom Floor
So regardless of how durable you might think a particular tile may be, be sure to consult the retailers about their PEI rating. This way, you'll be able to ensure maximum durability for your bathroom floors.Bathroom Floor Tiles - The Importance of Regular Cleaning

Bathroom floors have to be cleaned and maintained regularly. Not only will this protect your bathroom floors from damage, regular cleaning is also important for health related issues.

No matter how aesthetically pleasing your bathroom floors may seem, they will eventually attract germs due to the presence of moisture. Moreover, dirt from our bodies will gradually add to the dirtiness of our bathroom floor.

So in designing your bathroom floor, try to make sure that it will be easy to clean. For example, although it's tempting to have a large bathroom, bathrooms that take up a relatively small area are usually easier to clean and manage.

You may want to note that certain designs, patterns and materials can help make your bathroom floor easier to clean. So remember, just because bathroom floor tiles are very durable doesn't mean that they shouldn't be cleaned regularly.

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