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How to Pick an Entertainment System for Your Car

Posted on the 16 June 2017 by Mountain Publishing @mountainpublish

Your car may boast of the highest mileage and the most comfortable seats but unless you have a good sound system, there’s no fun driving a car. While some cars come with a built in entertainment system, others give you the opportunity to customize your in-car entertainment. Though this is exciting, it may also seem like a daunting task. Fear not- Here are a few tips to ease your worries.

Understand your needs

Cassette playing units are rare in today’s auto world. Today most auto entertainment units have a CD player and USB port. Some also offer Bluetooth compatibility and SD card readers. So, the first thing you must do before picking a car stereo system is look at how you prefer to play your music. How important is your music to you; would any system work or does the sound have to be perfect? Since entertainment units today are connected to GPS systems, also look at the option of having a screen for navigation and video playback.

Bigger isn’t always better

Everyone knows that sound creates vibration but did you know that these vibrations could have an adverse effect on your car. Picking a loud sound system for a small car could create excessive vibrations that could loosen the panels. Hence, before choosing a system, go through the car’s instruction booklet and look up the size of your audio unit panels and speaker panels as well as your car’s electrical system. If a video unit is a must have for you but your car doesn’t give you the space for one, you could consider a flip out radio.

Understand the different types of speakers

Your speakers play a large role in determining your sound quality. Speakers can be categorized as coaxial and component speakers. Coaxial speakers mold together low frequency and high frequency units into one physical frame while the low frequency and high frequency units are kept separate in a component speaker. Component speakers also have an additional part known as a crossover. These speakers are usually more expensive as compared to coaxial speakers. If you’re on a budget, you could choose to install component speakers in the front of the car and coaxial speakers at the back.

Choose good quality wires

Though wires may seem like a minor component of your car’s entertainment system, do not skimp on them. Always pick wires manufactured by well-known brands. Low quality wiring could affect the dynamics of your sound system and cause disturbances such as dimming of headlights when the volume is increased. Unreliable interconnects that connect the head unit to the amplifier can make you hear more static instead of your music.


Simply picking the best unit, amplifiers and speakers is not enough to make a good entertainment system. They should also work well with each other. Hence, before you invest in anything, do not go simply on what the retailer suggests but listen to how your music will sound. This way, there are no surprises once the system has been installed.

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