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How to Overcome Your Shyness with Women

By Tapang786

Do You Feel Shyness with Women?

For many, approaching someone new and having a conversation can prove to be daunting and challenging at the same time. We are social creatures but for some reason, many of us simply do not have the courage or confidence to happily chat away without a care in the world.

This is often known as shyness and it can prevent us from getting as much as possible out of life, particularly when it comes to dating and meeting women. That horrible feeling of panic and dread wash over you as she approaches and you suddenly feel like the world is against you, but why? Shyness is not something that has to hold us back.

It is something that you can break free from, allowing you to explore a new world where you have the confidence and belief to make the most of these amazing opportunities when they appear in front of you, but how?

1. Don’t Just Hope

One tactic that many people adopt is one that relies on hope. When it comes to women, you simply cannot be shy because you have to take your chance when it arrives. Consider other aspects of your life such as applying for a job. Do you sit around and wait for things to happen or do you go out there with confidence and tell the world why they should employ you? If you do this, then why are you relying on hope when you are around women? You have to persevere with your shyness and step up at a time that matters. You have to make women feel as though you are right for them and although this might take an element of luck, you can be sure that having the confidence to make the first approach will certainly help you to get off on the right foot.

2. Shyness is no Long Cute

For some reason, women have often seen shyness as cute but don’t let this encourage you to continue to be shy. Yes, being shy can be an advantageous characteristic but ultimately, they are going to want a man who will take control of the situation.

She wants to let herself go, whether that is at the bar or in the bedroom and that means you cannot let your shyness stand in the way. So, if you remember that being shy is not always cute and is not always something that women look for, you will soon find a way of getting over it. Because you have to get over it.

3. Just Get Out There and Do It

Sometimes you have to put yourself out there because that is the only way that you can live life to the full. There are times in our lives when we need a push in the right direction. Don’t continue to hide behind the “I’m Shy” excuse because you don’t have to be shy any longer. Think about your shyness as something that you have left behind and so, you need to move forward.

If you continue to say that you are shy, you will continue to convince yourself that you are shy. Tell women that you used to be shy but you are working on it because they will see that as a step in the right direction but they will also see you as more of a man.

4. Go and Meet New People

If you continue to hide behind your shyness, you will never find a woman, so force yourself to meet new people. When you begin meeting new women, the chances are that the first woman you come across won’t be interested in you. You might put that down to you being shy but in reality, it is more than likely because you didn’t click.

So, what do you do now? Easy. You simply move on to your next woman because some you win and some you lose. Understanding how to deal with the losses can help you to become more confident and that will help you to beat your shyness.

5. Start Talking

Often, shyness prevents you from talking. In those one-on-one situations, you can feel your mouth dry up and your lips begin to tighten because of the fear of talking. So, what do you need to do? Go and talk to people. Talk to anyone.

In fact, this is not about talking to people you are attracted to, this is about talking to that person behind you in the queue at the supermarket or the person next to you on the train. Once you pluck up the courage to talk to random strangers, you will soon find that speaking to women is simple and that you no longer have to think about how to meet a woman if you are shy.

Getting Over Your Shyness is Not that Hard

Shyness can really hold you back when it comes to meeting women and constantly thinking of ways of how to talk to women if you are shy can be hard work. However, all it takes is some simple steps. You don’t have to commit time or effort to do it, you just need to change the way in which you approach women. Getting over your shyness is not an impossible task and you are not the only one who has the issue.

You need the belief and confidence to put yourself out there and meeting new people without a care in the world. If you can put your shyness behind you and think about how much your life will improve if you do, you will soon find that your shyness has disappeared. Don’t see shyness as a problem you have to live with, see it as a small obstacle that can be overcome because you have the chance to beat it and find that special woman.

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