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How to Open an Airtel Payments Bank Account

By Sandy16

Airtel, a branded and largest telecom operator is now ready to offer its services in the banking sector. As the entire India is concentrated on digital money, Airtel concentrated on to open an airtel payments bank account.

This bank acts the same as that of your local bank. To open an airtel payments bank account you don’t  need to rush anywhere as the entire process is done through digitalization without any paperwork With the help of e-KYC process you can  say goodbye to the traditional way of filling the papers.

The entire process of opening airtel bank account involves only digital format and there will be no additional paperwork like regular KYC process. For this, you need to make the e-KYC process by verifying your mobile number and the aadhaar card number.

open an Airtel Payments Bank account

1. Visit the official store from here

2. Now enter the OTP have received and click register

3. Now register your Airtel payments bank account by providing your contact details

4. Create your MPIN code to make transactions by entering the code

5. Click on register and you will receive a success report saying thank you for creating account.

6. Upgrade your account to the savings account by entering  Aadhaar and PAN card details.

Advantage of airtel payments bank

1. Easy transactions using the mobile app

2. Avail exclusive offers when you pay with Airtel payments app

3. Load cash and get free airtel minutes

4. Withdraw cash at any Airtel banking points

5. Earn 7.25% interest on your bank account


  • Airtel numbers are applicable to open bank account
  • Additional transaction charges may apply over Rs. 10,000/day limit
  • You should give fingerprint by scanning your finger at the nearest Airtel store.

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