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How To Name A Blog: Tips, Tricks And Step-by-Step Guide in 2021

Posted on the 22 November 2021 by Jitendra Vaswani @JitendraBlogger

Choosing the proper name for your blog is an essential aspect of branding, ranking online, and drawing readers. However, it might take some effort to locate the correct name.

An excellent blog title should attract visitors to read on. Ideally, it also informs potential readers about the type of material on your site. As a general guideline, outstanding blog names must appeal to their target audience, be easy to brand, and have an available domain and social handle.

It's annoying to get stuck at the first stage, so we've prepared this tutorial to teach you how to choose the right blog name in no time!

So, let's get started with some of my greatest techniques and recommendations for naming a blog.

How to Name a Blog: Tips & Tricks

Your blog's name reflects you, and it may be the difference between someone clicking on your blog and going to your competitor's site to read on. While this is true, naming your site is not the most essential aspect of building a great blog.

The content you generate, the sensation you give your readers, and the value you provide them far surpass any blog name you come up with when you first start out.

Take, for example, Apple. People do not spend billions of dollars on Apple items just because they like the brand. People purchase Apple because they adore their goods and feel they offer unique, intuitive concepts that outperform their competitors.

If you're ready to start your blog but can't decide on a name, start right here with my simple recommendations for naming a blog.

Step-by-step process for coming up with a creative name for your site

  • Investigate your niche thoroughly (you want a blog name that is distinct).
  • Consider why you want to blog.
  • Learn about your potential audience. (Your blog's name should reflect your personality and appeal to your target audience.)
  • Find excellent branding possibilities.
  • Begin with a keyword focus.
  • Make use of a blog name generator.

Wrapping Up:

Finally, some advice on how to name a blog.

When deciding on a good name for your blog, keep the following suggestions in mind:

  • Use a domain extension that is appropriate for your blog. is frequently the finest and most generally known and remembered domain name.
  • Consider a name that is simple to say. People may have difficulty locating your site again if the spelling is too different or the word is too uncommon.
  • When possible, avoid using hyphens. Another reason why readers may struggle to discover your blog again is the use of hyphens.
  • Avoid utilizing names that are protected by intellectual property. For example, if your domain name is likely to be confused with a high-level commercial website, you may face legal repercussions.
  • Ask for advice. Do you know any other writers in your field? If not, try some clever blogger outreach to someone you admire in your niche and ask for advice.
  • If there's a name you know you want to use, attempt to get it as soon as possible. It might not be around much longer.
  • Once you've decided on a catchy blog name, you'll need a logo (check out my favorite creative blogging tools).
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Final Thoughts: How To Name A Blog

Naming your blog is a crucial first step, but it should not paralyze you.

If you don't like the name of your blog, you can always rebrand and change it in the future. Don't make the blogging error of believing that your name will do all of the work for you.

Remember that the quality of your material, your ability to interact with your audience, and the way you've branded your site are all important factors in the development of your blog.

Finally, the name you choose for your blog is simply a minor part of the process.

So, if you're stuck on what to name your site, just start with the first good idea that comes to mind-and remember that you can always alter it after you're driving a significant amount of traffic and monetizing your blog (the most important things for your blogging business).

As a side note, if you're struggling with content planning, you can get my free blog planner bundle and kick things up a notch right now.

When deciding on a name, aim to select something that will pique the attention of your target audience.

Choose a blog name that is both simple and distinctive.

You may make use of intriguing prefixes, alliteration, uncommon combinations, or even your own name.

You can be humorous, strange, startling, or nice. The key idea is to choose a blog name that is appropriate for both you and your followers.

Once you've figured out how to name a blog, the real fun begins.

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