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How to Maximize SEO Content To Generate More Leads

Posted on the 27 April 2018 by Mark Pedersen @purelythemes

Most people who write for the Internet are creating promotional content. From online businesses to major corporations and non-profit organizations, all types of companies need compelling content.

With countless companies continually posting and promoting, how can your content stand apart from the rest? Discover simple ways to maximize SEO content to generate more leads.

Keyword Research is the First Step

How to Maximize SEO Content To Generate More Leads

When people enter words into a search engine box, they have a specific intent. What type of people are they and what are they searching to find? Define your target market then conduct detailed keyword research to figure out the best way to attract them.

Look for short-tail and long-tail keywords to include in your web pages, blog articles, guest posts, PPC marketing campaigns, and social media postings. Optimize all your content to ensure it attracts the search engines. The goal is to make sure searchers find your material near the top of the results for specific words and word combinations.

Become a Topic Authority

Spun or regurgitated content is unlikely to attract attention or encourage shares on social media. Become a topic authority by reading industry publications, checking competitor websites, combing social media, and continually learning more about your industry. Tap into these resources, along with the relevant keywords for your business, to develop articles people want to read.

Remember to give readers something they want. From information to entertainment, infuse your content with exciting statements, so people read the entire article and remember you. The memorable material keeps visitors coming back for more. Offer ebooks, reports, and email updates, so you have an opportunity to collect their contact info and develop a viable email marketing list.

Craft Readable Emails

How to Maximize SEO Content To Generate More Leads

Some people get hundreds of emails every day. How can you get them to open yours? It all starts with a catchy subject line. The subject is the first thing people read, and it helps determine whether they open the email or delete it. Use these few words to grab attention.

Be humorous, inspire emotion, raise a question – anything to encourage recipients to click and open the email. Then deliver it in your email content. When you bait potential customers, give them more than they expected. And always include a limited time call to action to help transform more leads into customers.

Let People Know About It

When you post fresh content, let people know about it. Share your blog posts on all your business social media accounts. Include a compelling statement with your shares, so people want to read what you posted. And include links to your social media accounts on your website.

Encourage people to follow you on social media. Offer them incentives, such as a free report, to increase your number of followers, improve traffic, and boost your ranking on the search engines.

Watch Your Writing

How to Maximize SEO Content To Generate More Leads

Creativity, research, and inspiration are the cornerstones of excellent writing. But it also requires attention to detail. Remember to check your grammar and spelling, so your content always looks professional. Break your content into shorter paragraphs with subheadings, so it is easy to read.

Add images or video that supports and enriches your content. Include links to relevant resources and your website. Have someone check your work to ensure it reads smoothly. If you dislike writing, it will show in your work. Consider outsourcing it to a professional writer for improved branding and an increased number of leads over time.

Business need leads to make money and build a reputation in their chosen industries. Well-crafted content is one of the best ways to brand and promote any company. Focus on ongoing research, updated SEO content strategies, and proper writing techniques to generate more leads.

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