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How to Match Dining Tables with Your Kitchen Cabinets

By Mountain Publishing @mountainpublish
How to match dining tables with your kitchen cabinets

The right approach to select a dining table that perfectly complements your kitchen cabinets is to follow the architectural design of your kitchen. However, if the blueprint of your kitchen limits you, you can always spread out your selection range regarding dining furniture. There is no absolute right or wrong pick but guidelines can make the task less confusing.

One has to reflect more like a fashion designer to match the dining table with the kitchen cabinets. You either match or coordinate the items. Contrasting is another fun way to experiment according to your changing outlook.

1. Match

If you are not too fussy or particular about changing the decor of your kitchen very often, you can always match the kitchen cabinets with its corresponding piece of a dining table. It keeps the fluidity of items in the area with a specific focus on the main articles. Delivering a strong and bold statement, such match speaks volumes of a firm and unyielding style. However, changing your selection may prove an expensive venture if you reconsider after a few seasons. A careful and smart assessment goes a long way in saving time, effort and money.

How to match dining tables with your kitchen cabinets

Select a dining table that matches with the dominant color theme of the kitchen cabinet. Black polished kitchen cabinets go perfectly with a black granite dining table top. A classic wooden finish would equal an oak dining table or a table with a dark marble top. It emphasizes the rest of the kitchen accessories and highlights the minute details.

2. Co-ordinate

A style that coordinates different components of kitchen cabinets with the dining furniture works best to create a rhythmic ambiance without the boredom of uniformity. In a large kitchen with many cabinets of the same color, coordinate between their color with a dining table of the same shade. However, to break the monotony, either change the color of the bottom of the table or use complementing shade for the drapes of the seats. Using a two-tone technique beats the monotony.

How to match dining tables with your kitchen cabinets

If the Rta cabinets have a wooden finish, then carefully choose a dining top that matches with an undertone of the wood finish. Avoiding a monochromatic theme adds versatility that is adaptable to changing seasons and characteristic mood. With whitewashed kitchen cabinets, edge the borders with contrasting color and choose the same for dining top.

3. Contrast

Contrasting with opposite shades adds functionality to your kitchen. It gives you the freedom to change the entire look of the kitchen if your heart desires. You can opt for a contemporary, modern, rustic, chic or industrial style with compare and contrast look. With dark colored kitchen cabinets, the dining table could use a tinge of the cabinet finish. Alternatively, offbeat the entire look by selecting a dining table with a lighter shade.

How to match dining tables with your kitchen cabinets

If the kitchen cabinets have a middle tone, a carefully selected color from the spectrum line would do the trick. With kitchen cabinets with rich paint or artwork, a soft colored dining table with floral drapes on the chairs is a feast to the eyes. With contrasting technique, the canvas is unlimited with infinite scopes.

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