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How to Make Your Condos Visually Appealing and Cozier

By Kravelv @kravelv

Today, almost every twenty-something single and independent millennial is out of the nest and is living on their own. Consequently, in the hustle and bustle of their daily lives they are billeted in swanky residential areas teeming with condominiums. And it is no question that today, there is not a shortage of condominiums in the sprawling residences of the city’s capital, Manila where you can find various residential areas filled with towering skyrises such as  Alveo Condominiums in Makati.

However, what most millenials do not take into account and tend to overlook is giving their designated residences that personal touch and cozy feel–a rather excusable oversight seeing as they are quite busy in their daily lives. But it is an inescapable truth that after a long day, this is where they seek refuge and respite–so, wouldn’t it be appropriate to get some rest in a cozier and more visually appealing living quarters ? When we have successfully invested in our first condominiums, it is not only enough that we create a livable space for us to live in, we must ensure that it is cozy enough to assure us a lifetime comfort. Additionally, condominiums—albeit designed for the sole comfort and living of a busy individual, are also places where we potentially entertain guests and visitors so with this fact in mind, we need to create a visually creative place that welcomes visitors rather than repel them. Create a place that is both inviting not only for their owners but to their visitors as well.

Condominium Interior Design Layout

So, if you are looking for ways to spice up your condo,  then look no further as this article recommends on how to make your condos aesthetically appealing and cozier by giving it that homey touch and warm aura and feel.

Do away with curtains 

Let the sunlight pour into your living space and get your daily dose of Vitamin D. Curtains may give your designated living area that aesthetic look and stylish finish, but the takeaway is that it creates the suffocated illusion of having a room smaller than it originally was. Additionally, if you choose thick and bulky designs, you will have to contend with living in a room that feels rather small and cramped. Considering that this is the case, allow your rooms to breathe by letting the sunlight in and create a uniquely creative impression of space. Alternatively, you can use curtains that do not block the entire window from view if you insist on hanging draperies. If such were the case, choose designs that cover only about a third of your window in order to allow a steady stream of natural light into your living space.

Choose neutral colors 

Although some condominium policies do not allow much for paint jobs to be done, there are some condominiums that offer you a little more liberty and latitude in decorating and redesigning. If you are one of the lucky few who are granted this privilege, consider repainting those white walls with neutral or light colors, complement this by painting the ceiling a little bit lighter. This will give your condo a more spacious feel. To create a calming effect, paint the walls with blue-gray colors whereas painting it in hues and tones of yellow to give it a warm and cozy look.

How to Make Your Condos Visually Appealing

Get a divider 

Considering that you want more breathing space in your condo, getting a divider may seem understandably out of the question. However, from an outsider’s perspective, looking at your condo with the bedroom, kitchen and living room all lumped together in one big space makes it look unappealing. In lieu of installing walls, get a divider that serves a dual purpose such as the one that holds books or fine china and create a demarcation between where your living room ends and where your dining area begins.

Have a single theme 

Give your condo that comfortable and inviting appeal by having a recurring theme all throughout its different rooms and spaces. Experimenting with different styles creates a distorted aesthetic impression that would allow visual noise to ensue. Instead, have a single theme dominate your condo– if you are into rustic embellishments then make sure the rest of your condo carries with it rustic accents, if you are into monochromatic designs then the rest of the condo should stay just as consistent as well. Though it may seem like your creative prowess is being limited by such a narrow design, this trick actually makes your condo not only visually appealing but comfortable and cozy as well. After all, not having a single theme can cause some aspects in design to clash.

How to Make Your Condos Visually Appealing and Cozier1

Leave a positive impression on your visitors by planning the design of your condo thoroughly. Creative conceptualization, effort, and the right motivation are necessary for achieving this but once you have your ideas laid out and panned out perfectly, you will see just how much of a difference it can make in your condo.

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