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How To Make Parwal Ki Bhujiya

By Anjana Chaturvedi @maayeka

Parwal Ki Bhujiya- a simple yet delicious stir fry made with thinly sliced pointed gourd

Parwal is a seasonal vegetable and is available during summers till monsoon season. Aloo Parwal/Pointed Gourd/ patal/potol is mainly used in North and East India specially in the states of Orissa and Bengal.

Parwal has many health benefits, is low in cholesterol and fat.Is very easy to digest so recommended for the patients with weak digestion ,is antipyretic, laxative, helpful in treating jaundice, ulcers and other liver problems.So its good to include this vegetable in your diet during summer and monsoon season.

In North India Parwal is is a favourite vegetable as it is easily available and reasonably priced during the season. it belongs to melon family and grows on vines. Like all the other vegetables there are few versions and methods of making parval ki sabzi but In U.P this is mainly made in the form of dry curry/bhujia but some prefer to make it in a simple thin soupy gravy.

Many People often get confused between tindora and parwal as both looks quite similar by colour and size but are very different in taste and texture, Parwal have round big seeds which can be consumed if they are tender but if the seeds are hard and black then they should be removed. when you buy parwal try to choose small,crisp and dark green in colour parwals. Avoid parwal's which are very big, soft and yellow in colour.

Peeling it is again optional ,you can peel it ,scrape it or just wash and slice it . if you peel it then it become soft while cooking but I always either scrap it lightly or just wash it well and then chop or slice, it this way it remains crisp after cooking. But it depends on individual choice,do what ever texture you want to have in your sabzi.

Today i am sharing a very simple, delicious and popular bhujiya recipe which is quite popular in U.P and Bihar. You have to thinly slice the pointed gourd lengthwise. Temper it in hot mustard oil and cumin and when its done, saute it with few basic spices. it is best enjoyed with daal-chawal, khichdi, thepla or roti.

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How To Make Parwal Ki Bhujiya
How To Make Parwal Ki Bhujiya
How To Make Parwal Ki Bhujiya

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