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How To Make Part-Time Blogging Work For You

Posted on the 06 June 2014 by Kharim Tomlinson @KharimTomlinson
How To Make Part-Time Blogging Work For You

When it comes to blogging most of the bloggers today have a secular job or have schooling activities to take care of. Do you think that blogging can work for such persons?

Blogging takes up a lot of time especially if you really want to become a successful blogger. This is because blogging is challenging due to the amount of blogs being created on a daily basis which makes it hard for your blog to stay on top. But can you make blogging work for you even though you have a busy schedule? Yes it can.

In this article I am going to share with your 5 tips on how you can make blogging work for you if you are a part-time blogger.

If you are a part-time and you really want blogging to work for you then you have to create a schedule so that you can have time for blogging.

Most time we are so busy or at times forgetful that we don't even remember that blogging is on our list of agenda to do. So having a schedule can help greatly where that is concerned.

Here are 5 tips that you can use if you blog part-time so that you can still become a successful blogger.

How To Make Part-Time Blogging Work For You

1. Writing Contents For Blog

One of the most important activities in blogging today is content writing.

If you have a blog and you don't write then blogging surly isn't working for you. So in a case like this, what do you think you need to do?

You have to create a writing schedule.

Setting time aside to write contents for your blog while you have a busy lifestyle will work out greatly.

As mentioned in my previous blog post, you don't have to write a full blog post in a single day. If you are busy you can put that blog post writing on pause then continue later in the day or another day if things get too busy for you.

As for me, I work Mondays to Saturdays on a 9 to 5. As you can see great time management is required on my part to make blogging work for me. I may start a blog post now and finish it tomorrow.

If you follow this writing tip as a part-time blogger then blogging can work for you.

2. Blog Commenting Strategy

If you leave the comments lonely on your blog then your blog readers will think that you don't value their opinion. They will think that you don't value the time they have took to come to your blog and read what you have written. Not only that, but they will also think that you don't appreciate their comment left on your blog.

Blog commenting is a great way to make your blog come alive, especially if your reply to comments let by your blog readers.

Not only commenting on your blog, but also on other blogs in and out your niche.

You should set aside time to make at least one comment each day. Blog commenting helps to build links to your blog, gives you exposure to other commentators to build your blog traffic and at the same time you can get ideas for new blog posts.

If you find time to make a comment each day then you and your blog can benefit greatly.

Their are basically 30 days in each month, so if you make 1 comment each day then at the end of that month you would have created 30 links for your blog. 2 comments each day would be a total of 60 links to your blog.

The more links you have pointing back to your blog then the more traffic your blog can get.

It doesn't take long to leave an up-building comment on a blog, all you have to do is read the blog post that sparked your interest, comment along what you have read and understand in that post.

Remember commenting is now a part of blogging these days so you have to make sure to include this in your schedule as well.

3. Blog Promotion Strategy

Without traffic then your blog is noting but a lonely street.

When a blog has tons of traffic on it then there won't be any lonely streets. Your blog will come alive like the streets of Las Vegas.

But in order for that to happen then you have to find time to promote your blog, you have to develop a blog promotion strategy.

Most time people think promoting a blog is hard, but for me it is quite easy and really fun to do.

Where most people do wrong in promoting their blog is that they think that sharing their blog post link on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ is going to make all their friends and followers come to their blog.

No this won't work.

This is why having a promotion strategy works.

You need to know your audience and what they like. You have to craft your headlines or titles in a which will encourage them to read. You have to also know what time your audience is mostly online.

When it comes to promotion for your blog, engaging and regular communication is a great way to do so.

But remember that you are a part time blogger, so how will you make this work when you have a tight schedule.

Blogging is not all about you writing articles for your blog or your blog alone. You have to be engaging with other bloggers and also your blog commentators. You have to engage with them by replying to comments left on your blog and also comment on other blogs as well.

Apart from blog commenting you can join blog promotion group on Facebook in which you can participate in group discussions. Facebook groups are awesome when it comes to engagement so as to build up your blog. You can get traffic and also great ideas for your new blog post.

Twitter is a great place to engage with bloggers as well. You can join conversations with a #hashtag and, this as well will help to grow you and your blog.

Participate in forum discussions is the best way of engaging. With a forum you can share your view point with others on a particular topic and boost your blog while doing so. Most forums will allow you to add your signature to your forum profile with a link leading back to your blog. The more you participate in forum discussions then the more links you would be leaving on that forum to your blog.

A great way to build links for SEO for your blog.

Even though you might a lot of time to engage with others, but dedicate at least 10 to 15 minutes for engaging with others, this is a great way to grow your blog.

If you work and blog part-time one thing that you definitely need is some relaxation time.

Serious burnout can come your way if you don't rest.

Taking some time to rest and relax can help your mind to rejuvenate so that you can be able to write great articles for your blog.

In anything you do always remember to rest, you will be able to perform at your best when you are well rested.

Take Care Of Important Things First

If you work or have other things to take care of around the house it would be wise to take care of those thinks first.


This will leave you with added time for blogging. When you start blogging it is best if you don't have any thing else to rush off to accomplish.

When it comes to blogging you can become more successful if you concentrate on blogging alone. So taking care of other stuff and then dedicating the rest of your time to blogging works best for you.

If you blog part-time though you might have to find a strategy which works best for you. All you have to do is create a schedule and be sure to stick to it. Doing so will help to make blogging work for you.

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How To Make Part-Time Blogging Work For You
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