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How to Make a Quest in Project Spark

By Boxmash

Project Spark is a game that lets you make your own games. It’s really simple to use, but if this is your very first time playing Project Spark you may want a little helping hand to get you started. Thankfully Wes from Family Gamer TV is here, and he and his son have been playing Project Spark to find out how easy it is to make a quest. Watch this new video to see how they got on.

Wes takes his first look at Project Spark creates a fetch quest, the kind of mission you see in lots of roleplaying and adventure games. But before they can create the quest they first need to make a world, a character, and then create a person in the world who will give the player a quest to do. It sounds like there’s a lot to do, but as you’ll see in this video, Project Spark makes it easy.

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