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How to Make a Fresh Flower Heart

By Simon Crowther @prestigeflower

How to make a fresh flower heart

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and it's time to start preparing and planning! One of the most important things to plan is the kind of flowers you wish to send. If you want to get creative, why not make your very own heart-shaped flower bouquet? You can choose between fresh and silk flowers based on your preference, budget, and whether or not you need to create this display in advance.

You will need:
  • Flowers of your choice (larger, open flowers)
  • Floral foam
  • Plastic tray or aluminium foil if you are using fresh flowers
  • Tools for clipping flower stems
  • Start by cutting your floral foam into the shape of a heart. You could print out a picture and use it as a kind of stencil if need be. Use a sharp knife to slice the foam into shape.
  • If you plan on using fresh flowers, you should soak the foam in water before working with it. If you are using silk flowers, this will not be necessary.
  • If you are soaking your floral foam, you will need to place it on a waterproof tray to prevent it from damaging your table. Alternatively, you can use aluminium foil to wrap the base. The tray could be concealed by using flat foliage and the foil can be concealed by making sure that your flowers fill in the edges completely.
  • Start with the edge of your heart to make sure that you create a consistent shape. Begin by placing your first flower at the point where the two halves meet. Then place one flower on either side and continue in this way until the heart is completely outlined. You can alternate between two or three different colours or even different types of flowers if you like. Just make sure that the flowers are somewhat "fluffy" in nature like carnations, peonies, and garden roses. This will ensure complete coverage. Alternate between your various colours or flowers to fill the interior. Avoid making clusters of the same flower or colour.
  • Don't forget to cut the stems at an angle. It makes them much easier to insert and, while you're at it, remove extra foliage too.
  • This display can be placed on a table and you can add some romantic candles too.

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