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How to Make a Diaper Cake Motorcycle

By Upliftingfam @upliftingfam

Motorcycle Diaper Cake Lion

I wanted to make my Sister-in-Law a diaper cake for her baby shower.  I didn’t want to make a traditional diaper cake.  I got an idea that I saw on Pinterest and decided to try and make her a diaper cake motorcycle.  Since she is having a little boy, I thought it would be perfect.  I took my daughter with me to the store and we rounded up the items that we would need to make the motorcycle.  And when I brought home my bag full of goodies, I was excited to make my first diaper cake as a surprise for my Sister-in-Law.

Items Needed to Make a Diaper Motorcycle

1 4 oz Baby Bottle

Small Pack of Size 1 Diapers – You need at least 30-40 diapers

1 Baby Wash Cloth

2 Bibs

2 Receiving Blankets ( find receiving blankets that are tied with white ribbon)

1 Set of Infant Socks or Baby Mitts

1 Stuffed Animal

Yarn, String, or 3 Rubber Bands

Roll of Wide Ribbon

Stapler with Staples

8 Inch Round Cake Pan

Directions – How to Make a Diaper Cake Motorcycle

Open the pack of diapers and start arranging them in the 8 in cake pan.  The cake pan helps you form the diapers together in a perfect circular motion.  Make sure that you put the diapers facing the same direction.  DC 1

Continue adding diapers until you form a full circle.  You need to make sure that you leave an opening in the middle of the diapers.  Once your diapers look like the photo below, take your rubber band, string, or yarn and put it around the middle of the diapers.  I used yarn to hold the diapers together.  Make sure that you get it tight enough so that the diapers don’t fall apart on the way to the baby shower.

DC 2

Once I had the yarn around my diaper ring, I tied the yarn in a knot as tightly as a I could.  Trim the excess yarn or string.  Then put ribbon around the diaper ring to cover up the yarn.  Staples the ends of the keep the ribbon so that it stays in place.  Repeat the process so that you have two diaper rings covered in ribbon.

Next, remove the ribbon from the receiving blankets and save it.  Take a receiving blanket and fold the blanket in half.  Then roll the receiving blanket as tightly as you can.  Use the receiving blanket to join the two diaper rings together.  The receiving blanket will need to go through the middle of the diaper rings.  Be careful not to pull the receiving blanket to tight.  The excess receiving blanket should remain sticking out which resembles the foot holders that are on a motorcycle.

Carefully, make rotate the ribbon to make sure that the staples are in the between the two diaper rings so that the staples don’t show.  The photo shows tape to keep the ribbons together; however, the tape wouldn’t stick to the ribbon and diapers.  This was the reason why I decided to use a stapler to hold the ends of the ribbon together.

DC 3

Take the second receiving blanket and fold it in half.  Then roll it up tightly and run it through the middle of the diaper ring that has the blanket pedals sticking out.    Use a rubber band or yarn to tie the receiving blanket ends together, bend the excess receiving blanket down so that it resembles the motorcycle handles.  Make sure that you leave enough room for the bottle to go in between the receiving blanket and the diapers.  Add the socks or baby mitts to the end of the receiving blankets.  Add the bib to the front of the motorcycle, around the motorcycle handles.  Wrap the baby wash cloth around 2/3 of the baby bottle.  Make sure you leave the bottom of the bottle uncovered (this resembles the headlight on the motorcycle).  Put the bottle under the receiving blanket and between the diapers, carefully making sure that you don’t knock the wash cloth off the bottle.  Tuck any excessive wash cloth between the  two diaper rings.  Take one of the bibs and wrap it around the inside of the front wheel.  Flatten out the bib as much as possible.

DC 4

Take the ribbon that was wrapped around the receiving blanket packet.  Wrap it around the handle bars to cover up the rubber band or yarn.  Tie the ribbon in a bow.

DC 5

Set the stuffed animal on the seat of the motorcycle and you are finished.

This project took me and my daughter about an hour to make.  If you have any extra items left over, you can save them for the next baby shower or you can give them to the mom-to-be.

Here are some pictures of my finished diaper motorcycle:

motorcycle diaper cake

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By Miki
posted on 26 April at 07:21
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I love this motorcycle diaper cake with the lion plush doll. I think this diaper cake is perfect for a safari theme.