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How To Make $500 a Month from Affiliate Marketing?

Posted on the 08 February 2014 by Siraj Wahid @blogcooters

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I hope this title made you excited as many of you might be failing in generating revenue from affiliate marketing. It’s not only you, there are many bloggers out there who fail at affiliate marketing and not only at affiliate marketing, people on this planet fail at doing new things at start but it’s for sure that they’ll succeed. If you are blogging and got tired from it then don’t ever think to quit because maybe this is the time you are just about to see a break-through in your earnings and career. Same works with affiliate marketing, to be honest I was not aware of affiliate marketing before starting this blog. According to me everything which could generate revenue was CPC networks but my thinking has changed now. Many of my circles talked about affiliate marketing and finally Usama wrote a wonderful article about affiliate marketing. After reading Usama’s article, my urge to make money through affiliate marketing increased.

Actually, this was my turning point in the world of affiliate marketing. There is a rule about making money from blogs, we must go through it. Some of you might claim that Adsense can generate more money but it doesn’t work with everyone and you can’t trust Adsense because you don’t know when your account will get blocked without any information. One thing I’ve learnt so far from blogging that you don’t have to be dependent on a single source, you should find different alternatives for different things. If one thing gets down or fails to achieve the motive then the other thing is always here to help you out. If you have low traffic on your blog and you are waiting for the traffic to increase to start monetizing your blog then you don’t have to wait any further because for affiliate marketing you don’t need immense traffic. Only few visitors can benefit you if they belong from the buying class. Recently I have practiced this with one of my friends, I created a blog and promoted some affiliate products and it started generating revenue even with low traffic as we were targeting people who belonged to the buying class.

How to make $500 a month with Affiliate Marketing?

Product Relevancy:

My Experience with affiliate marketing is not too old but I have understood many things in a short time. Till December 2013 I was promoting products which weren’t related to my blog in any way. I promoted them because their offers attracted me and I didn’t even think that how my visitors are going to buy those products if they have no relation with the products. If your blog is related to blogging tips, money making and marketing then you should promote stuff which is related to your blog’s niche.

Superb Locations:

If you are displaying banners of your affiliate partners then you have to select the best location, the location where your banners can catch the attention of your visitors. You should give importance to the thing which is going to help you and your blog financially. It doesn’t mean that over-promoting your content will help you. You just have to select the prime locations which are more likely to generate sales for you.

Only Locations Doesn’t Matter:

You might be surprised that I’ve just talked about locations and now I’m saying that only locations don’t matter, but why? Because you don’t have to select the normal locations for promoting affiliate products, you have to give some space to the products in your articles too. And articles are the best way to generate sales. You can display a banner just before the beginning of the article. Moreover you can display banners at the end of the article and more that this you can promote products in your articles. If you are writing an article about Twitter Marketing and you talk about Just Retweet in the article then you should give a link to your Just Retweet affiliate. Writing reviews of different products is another way to get more sales because if your readers have faith in you then your readers are more likely to buy those products.

Do you have a mailing list? Use it:

People who trust you, who think that you are good and consider you as a kind helper have subscribed to your mailing list. Then why you aren’t making efforts to make money through your mailing list? You can promote products through emails. Write attractive emails with attractive headlines and persuade your subscribers to buy the product but please keep the promoting frequency low. Your subscribers expect emails which are somehow going to benefit them.  Although I don’t have a big mailing list but I’ve included this point after having a chat with a blogger who is generating sales from emails.

Getting disappointed is not allowed:

Getting angry at affiliate marketing after testing only few products and locations is totally unfair. If you are not able to generate any sales then it doesn’t mean that affiliate marketing has no potential. It has potential that’s why people are making four and five figures from affiliate marketing. You have to analyze mistakes in your strategy. You have to be a perfect planner to generate awesome sales. Keep testing products and give sometime to products and you’ll get break-through.


I want to conclude this article with the story behind the title of this article. I partnered with one of my friends few months ago and last month we generated $483 with that blog which is quite high as compared to the investment. We generated this amount with a perfect strategy, that’s what I’ve listed in this article. I hope you’ll make a better strategy for affiliate marketing to increase your income from affiliate marketing. Happy Blogging!

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