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How to Lose Back Fat

By Mia_patterson

How to Lose Back Fat Fast
Are you tired of hiding away under baggy clothing because you are embarrassed about excess back fat? Check out these tips on how to lose back fat and get the smooth, toned back that you have been waiting for.
Upper and lower back fat can be frustrating to deal with since it can be one of the last places on your body where you lose fat. That means that even if you are relatively slim you can still have unsightly back fat. Most people think that in order to lose fat from their backs they need to do exercises that work the back muscles. Actually, though, back exercises alone build up the muscle underneath without doing a whole lot to get rid of the excess fat on the surface.
Instead of doing back exercises, the key to losing back fat is to lower your overall body fat percentage. As you decrease the amount of fat in your body the fat you carry on your back will decrease as well leaving you with a beautiful, smooth back. Let's take a look at the best way to go about lowering your body fat percentage so you can get started on your way to getting the back you have been wanting.
The first step in lowering your body fat is to begin adding lean muscle to your body. Because muscle takes more energy to maintain than fat, the more lean muscle you add to your body the faster your metabolism will run and the easier it will be to drop body fat. The best part is that as your add muscle your body burns more calories all the time - even while you are sitting around or sleeping. Try adding strength training to your workouts and focus on working the large muscle groups like your legs, buttocks and core to get the most impact for your efforts.
Along with exercise you need to eat the right way to lower your body fat. Low calorie or "starvation" diets can actually do more harm than good when it comes to losing fat. When you deprive your body of the calories that it needs it begins to think you are starving and as a result slows down your metabolism to compensate. That means that when you are eating too few calories it actually becomes harder to lose weight. Not only that, but it also is easier to put weight back on when you go off your diet.
Rather than going on a very low calorie diet, focus on eating a healthy, balanced diet. If you really want to drop fat quickly and see results right away you may also want to consider following a diet than uses something called "calorie shifting". Basically what this means is that you vary the number of calories you eat each day - some days eating more, some days eating less - as well as the types of foods you eat. The reason for this is that you can trick your body and prevent it from slowing down your metabolism by keeping it guessing as to how many calories you are going to eat each day. The result is very fast weight loss because you are consuming few calories and at the same time your metabolism is running strong.
Calorie shifting can be confusing since you need to know how many calories to eat each day, when to eat them and the types of foods that you should eat. If you are considering trying this approach to weight loss you may want to think about following a diet plan specifically designed around the calorie shifting concept to eliminate the guess work and make sure you get the results you want.

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